Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Chitra


Chitra [Sanskrit] is a picture. Chitra stands for all the art and design in our lives. Chitra is the art of our lives. Our relation with art and design is so profound and has established so much over time that it is just a default part of our lives today.

It might be your first bicycle or your first toothbrush, it might be the first book you read or a greeting card you made, the first house you bought or the first chair you purchased … aren’t the shape, size and color the most vital attributes of it? Isn’t it very natural for us to expect things to be to a minimal artistic level and we always wish them to reach the optimum levels?

Well, this overwhelming expectation for design is what makes us search for the best design solutions for our very own home. Right from the color of the tiles to the lamp on the wall, from the size of the furniture to the color of the wallpaper, everything is so important to us. Simply because it is our very own home and we want to make it the best place in the universe to take shelter and share the love and joy of life with our near ones.

At KakshyaaChitra, we know the importance of design for your home. We come up with designs that can add exactly the right amounts of elegance, style, exuberance and warmth to your wall. We try to give you perfect artistic walls.

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