Friday, 26 October 2012

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part One

Discussions and Possibilities

Our client in this case study, Paul, came across our website after having thoroughly browsed for different modes of wall decor.

He liked the designs on our website and inquired to us about the quotes of many of them. We get numerous inquiries everyday and not all of them materialize. We just took it as just another inquiry. Who knew that after 3 months of discussions, chats, mails and reviews and comments Paul’s house was going to become a landmark in Chennai.

What impressed Paul first of all was this Butterfly wall art decal on our website.
He started thinking of getting it done in white color for his 20 ft * 10 ft living room wall. The wall color was ‘Happy Hyacinth’ according to Asian Paints Royale catlog. It is a nice bright shade of violet.

Living Room Wall: Original Photograph

He also wanted to create a border 3 ft above the ground and chose an apt border design.

Border Design

Another design that attracted Paul very much was this Musical Butterfly on our website. He planned to install it on the opposite wall in the living room. The wall color was blue and we, after a lot of opinions and deliberations, decided to make it in violet. Who knew how stupendous the results were going to be.

Then Paul also chose 2 designs for the 2 bedrooms. One was the Modern face wall decal and the other was Birds on vines design. Both the designs were to be in white since the walls were bright blue and green. Paul had chosen 3 beautiful shades for 3 major walls of his house.

Birds on Vines Wall Decal

Modern Face Wall decal

Bedroom Wall One: Original Photograph

Bedroom Wall Two: Original Photograph

The masterpiece: We had not installed a single ceiling design before. Nobody in India had ever installed a ceiling design before. Paul was also not very keen on the ceiling design. However, he did eventually order for this Artistic Ceiling design.  It had to be in the same violet color as the musical butterfly.

We offered to send our staff to Chennai to install these wonderful designs for Paul. More rounds of mails and chats and discussions followed and when Paul was convinced that the choices he had made will give the desired appeal to his home, he confirmed the order.

Then started the skilful process of actually creating these decals for Paul which were to create a landmark in Vellachery, Chennai.

Check out how actually these designs materialized in Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part Two: Creating Wonders


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