Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Warli decals: An outstanding mode of outdoor decor by Kakshyaachitra

Orchard resort by Samruddhi Group is an attractive holiday restaurant located on Pune-Satara highway, roughly 30 kms from Pune. This year, the management has made immense additions to the infrastructure and facilities of this property.

The place lives up to it's name and is home to a variety of trees. There is a big compound wall that runs along the boundary of the premises. This compound wall is an important structure with respect to decor of the property since it is prominently visible from the entrance, reception, restaurant and other areas.

We, Kakshyaachitra, were awarded this assignment by the management to beautify the compound wall with wall decals.

The idea was to beautify the entire compound wall so that it would attract attention and also transform a plain compound wall into something more. Who knew that we would end up creating an outdoor decor landmark by re-inventing the traditional Indian art of Warli paintings in the form of decals.

Warli decals at Orchard resort, Samruddhi Group
Warli decal from Kakshyaachitra (Click for best view)

Again, as always, it helps when you know what you want. Mr. Mahesh from Samruddhi Group clearly knew what he wanted. On the very first phone call itself, the clear requirement was to make decals from Warli designs. We had to ponder a little over what could be used as a background surface. We used ACP sheets of brilliant burgundy color so that the white Warli decal would contrast over it. The results are for you to see.

Peacock wall decal for outdoor decor
Peacock Warli design (Click for best view)

It was an innovative and enjoyable task for us to create so many varied Warli designs to decorate a vast space. Our dedicated and talented designer Tejal worked out some astonishing themes according to the science of Warli art. Wonderfully, she created each design revolving around a certain theme.

A Warli decal by Kakshyaachitra
Warli Art: Farming (Click for best view)

Adivasis celebrating the festival of Holi
Warli Art: Holi (Click for best view)
A marriage ceremony among the Adivasis
Warli Art: Marriage (Click for best view)

Due to this novel and fantabulous creations, Orchard resort is rapidly attracting visitors. Some students and art enthusiasts specially come here only to view these amazing Warli compositions. Every guest at the hotel does take a long and watchful walk along the wall gazing at the beauty of each decal.

Traditional Tarpa dance of the Warli Adivasis
Warli Art: Tarpa dance (Click for best view)
After introducing an outstanding range of Ethnic Indian wall decals, we are more than happy to present this inspired art form to you. 
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