Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to Choose a Wall Decal for your home?

So, you will be moving into your new home in a matter of weeks and are all pretty excited and happy about it? Well, we can understand the joy and excitement surrounding it. However, you will want to make use of wall decals to give your home that elegant and warm appeal. Upon entering a home, you should feel welcome and comforting.

It is your home after all and what better to do that, than using wall decals. Installing wall decals does not have to be a tedious task. With the right people around you, it can be installed without hassles.

Butterfly magic wall decal
Butterfly Magic wall decal
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Let us see how to get started on it.
The quality of paint you are going to use in your home matters a lot. These days, home owners are very particular on the kind of paint used for the interior as well as the exterior walls. Some of the popular names in paints include Asian Paints, Dulux, and Berger Paints. They might be slightly on the expensive side, but you can be rest assured that using good quality paint is definitely worth it.

The colors should blend in with the rooms. Usually the occupants of the rooms decide on the color to be installed in their rooms. Apart from that the interior and exterior paint colors should blend with each other. When you have sorted that out, you will want to ensure that the walls are dry and cleaned.

Once the walls are dry then you can apply the wall decals. It is always beneficial when the walls come without textures. That is because they are smooth. You will want to keep in mind that once you have installed the wall decal, it cannot be reused elsewhere. So, hang it up using a tape and see how it appears.

Perhaps you might want to use another wall decal in that place. It is important that your wall decals are placed in uniform. You should tape the corners just to ensure that they are in level. You must see to that the wall decals are removed from the backing without damage.

Love birds on the tree wall decal
Love Birds on the Tree wall decal
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Lastly, you will want to take a step back and admire the beauty of the wall decal which your interior designer and you have installed. A parting word of advice, always ensure that you choose the best kind of wall decals, interior designers, paints, when installing a wall decal. To do that you will want to do some research online and find out which are the best.

You can check below video which explains how to install a wall decal:

Users, homeowners, and other experts would have put up their feedback and thoughts about each of the factors and pointers to be taken note of before installation. Of course it is alright to take the consultation of your family members, after all they are going to live in there once the wall decals are installed.
All these will add up for ensuring that your wall decal is the best.
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