Thursday, 19 April 2012

7 Practical Tips to choose a wall decal design

Are you going to decorate your wall with wall decals? Have you come to know about this fantastic method of interior decoration? If yes, getting the right wall decal is the next important thing.

Let us help you in choosing the proper wall decal for your home. If needed, our designers will also make a completely new customised design for you.

1. What is my aim to apply the wall decal?

The design of your decal would depend on why you want to apply a decal. You might want to apply a decal on a central part of your house where there would be regularly people around or you might want to apply the decal on some distinct part of the house which has selective company.

In the first case, the decal should not be very flashy but a decent one which need not always catch the eye. In the second case you can explore more with the design and transform a remote place in your house into a happening one.

Ceiling Wall Decal2. Where am my going to apply the wall decal?

You could apply the decal on a wall, on the ceiling, on a smooth wooden surface, on a mirror or any glass surface. The choice of the decals design would again depend on where you want to apply the decal.

3. Have I fixed the exact location of the wall decal?

If you have fixed the part of the house and the surface to apply, yet you have to fix the exact location of the decal. It could be the entire wall or a corner of the mirror or a side of the wall. Make sure you choose the decal according to the location.

4. Do I have a suitable design in my mind for the wall decal?

You might have witnessed a decal at a friend's house or surfed through hundreds of decals on the internet. Make sure what you want to order according to the needs of your house.

5. How do I decide the size of the wall decal?

It need not be large to be effective. Imagine various designs on your wall and the effect they would produce. If your aim is to transform the entire wall, a large decal would server your purpose.

Modern wall decal6. How do I decide the color of the wall decal?

Obviously, it would depend on the effect you want to produce and the color of your wall. If you are buying a colorful wall decal, try to imagine the different color schemes that a decal can be produced in. Choosing the right color is the most important factor in getting an effective wall decal.

It is not necessary that the wall and decal colors must always contrast. Check out all the available options.

7. How do I adjust the ambiance around the wall decal?

The wall decal is most effective when at least some light directly falls on it. Make sure you do not crowd the wall around the decal with other items. Also the furniture around the decal can be placed in a proper manner to give you the most aesthetic effect.

Happy Decorating !!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wall Decals: The happening new trend in interior-wall decoration

Now, a simple vinyl sheet can be converted into such outstanding designs so as to completely transform a plain and simple wall into an aesthetic and appealing one.

The result, the wall decals, are easy to apply, removable designer graphics made of this special vinyl with a matte finish and impart a glossy feel to the wall. The wall decals look more beautiful on the walls than in the images. See it to believe it !!!

Because of the mind-boggling designs it can produce, a wall decal is being increasingly used for home and office d├ęcor. Also, it is aptly suitable for commercial decorations like restaurant and boutique decorations.

In your home, it can be used to decorate almost any wall of your house, let it be the kitchen, the study room, the bedroom or any other quite corner of the home. Wall decals can also be effectively applied on ceilings, mirrors, glass surfaces, laptops and other smooth surfaces.

They can be made in required size and colors and are considered to be a modern and stylish form of decoration. Most decal manufacturers also provide the option of making customized design and quotes.

Check out for more amazing designs in the decal gallery of Kakshyaachitra Arts.
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