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Customized wall decor from family photographs with wall decals and wall murals

Kishore had sent us some high resolution images of his family. He had the same questions in mind as most of our customers have, so we are putting the entire mail discussion in this post so that your queries regarding wall decals, wall murals, wall stickers are satisfied.

Kishore wrote:

I wanted to know if the attached pictures can be done into decals. If yes how much it would cost...? Will that be done in multicolored or single color?

And we replied:

Thank you for your interest in Kakshyaachitra decals, these photographs can be made in multicolored as well single color line-work format.

Please let us know your contact details so that we can discuss further. Multicolored print charges will be Rs. 200 per sq.ft and single color will be Rs. 350 per sq.ft. Single color will be like images in this article, please check this link:

Multicolored will be best digital quality print on matter vinyl with lamination for protection.
Single color will be made from special indoor decor vinyl.

Kishore wrote:

Thank you so much for the quick response.

Right now I'm in Abu Dhabi and will be in India by the 3rd week of December. So right now we need to correspond only through the mail.

I'm more interested in black and white prints and looking for a size of about 4 x 5 ft I.e 20 sq.ft pictures printed. Since I haven't seen the photo decals please clarify some doubts.

Will the picture look separate from the wall? What is the thickness of the print? Will it be removable? Does it leave any adhesive stains on the walls?
And I need the pictures cut to their shape and not in rectangular shape. This can be done, right?
You will sending the demo pictures before final print, right?
How long will it take for printing and delivery after finalizing?

And we replied:

Please find response below:

Will the picture looks separate from the wall?
There are 2 different things we make:

Wall Mural: Please check attached Peacock wall mural images. This is essentially the design printed with high quality digital ink on a matte material, and has lamination.

Rajasthani motif wall mural
Rajasthani motif wall mural

Peacock wall mural
Peacock wall mural

Wall decal: This is made in single color, please check attached image of Mr. and Mrs. Navin's portrait.

Customized wall decal with family photograph
Custom wall decal with family photograph

Customised wall sticker with family photograph
Custom wall decal with family photograph

What is the thickness of the print ?
Wall decals have very less thickness and thickness cannot be noticed from a distance.Wall murals have a little thickness, but they also merge into the wall almost seamlessly.

Will it be removable ?
Wall decals are removable, they do not remove the paint of your wall. Wall murals have a little high amount of glue and may damage the paint of your wall.

Does it leave any adhesive stains on the walls ?
Kakshyaachitra wall decals are made from best quality indoor decor material, it will not leave stain on the wall.
Wall murals have a little high glue, they are for permanent/long-time application, may damage the wall while removing.

And I need the pictures cut to their shape and not in rectangular shape. This can be done , right ?
You can see that the outline of wall decals will be machine cut and it will be very fine cutting. Wall decals can be made in only 1 color though, like the attached wall decal of Mr. and Mrs. Navin's portrait is in black color and the background wall color is blue.
If we decide to make a wall mural, then it will be cut only along outline, like the peacock wall decal. It will be a simple outline curve.

You will sending the demo pictures before final print , right ?
Yes, we will confirm the images with you before print. You can also add any messages/quotes with the design if you want.

How long will it take for printing and delivery after finalizing ?
Please let us know where do you want the delivery. Design work for 3-4 images and confirmation should be done in 4-5 days and making the decal-mural will take about 3-4 days, so let us assume a total of 2 weeks after design finalization on a higher side.

Kishore wrote:

Thank you so much.

I’m interested in wall decal in single color...

Confused about this statement...

"Wall decals can be made in only 1 color though, like the attached wall decal of Mr. and Mrs. Navin's portrait is in black color and the background wall color is blue."

I don't see blue color in Mr and Mrs Navin's portrait. If it’s a must, then it will not merge into the background wall color, right?

Please clarify.

And I’m looking for the delivery in Udupi area in Karnataka.

And we replied:

The color of the wall is blue. The decal is black, wall color is very light blue. What I am telling is that the decal will be in black color and the background will be the color of your wall.

We shall soon post the wonderful wall decals we are about to make with Kishore's family photographs.
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