Saturday, 15 March 2014

Finding the perfect wall decal design for Lakshmi's home @Goregaon, Mumbai

We will be recently opening an online shop where home owners can choose between and buy Kakshyaachitra decals. Lot of homework needs to be done so that search engines can find the online content and it reaches to the home owners.

Our team was coming up with different meta descriptions that are to be added for different web pages on the Kakshyaachitra decal portal. Below is one of those descriptions:

“Kakshyaachitra offers a wide variety of wall decal designs suitable for different genres and tastes. Check out our online portal, website and blog or drop us a mail to find that perfect decal design for your home.”

And we started questioning ourselves, “Do we really assist home owners in finding the perfect wall decal for their home?”

A recent wonderful installation done at Lakshmi’s house flashed through our memories and we felt happy. Lakshmi and her family have recently returned to settle in India after a long stay in the UK. She knew about wall decals since many home owners in UK install wall decals at their home. Lakshmi had contacted us 3-4 months back while the renovation work was still in progress.

We had about 3 months to discuss what would be best suited for the Living room wall of her house, we deliberated whether to make a wall mural or a wall decal, meanwhile Lakshmi got this Butterfly wall decal installed for one of the bedrooms to ensure the material quality and aesthetic appeal.

Actual installation pic: Butterfly wall decal installed at Goregaon, Mumbai Size: 4’ * 2’
Bedroom wall decal from Kakshyaachitra
Buuterfly and Branches wall decal
Bedroom wall stickers, Mumbai, India

Lakshmi always knew that the living room design will have a tree in it. We presented her many options, she searched few on the internet and then she finalised the concept of Buddha and a Tree.

We then designed a decal according to the size of the wall. The outcome is below for you to see. The making of this tremendous, magnificent and gorgeous near-perfect Buddha under the Tree wall decal was a satisfying experience for all of us.

Actual installation pic: Buddha under the Tree wall decal Installed at Goregaon, Mumbai

Size: Buddha: 3’ * 3’ Tree height: 8’ Tree width: 8’. 
Ethnic Indian wall decal design for living room
Buddha under the Tree wall decal

Ethnic Indian wall decal design for living room
Buddha under the Tree wall decal

Let us know if you are (free wall decal code is kcwalldecals) also looking for that perfect wall decor for your home or are you also missing out on one of the best indoor decor options?

Buy above wall decals on Kakshyaachitra shop:
Buddha under tree wall decal

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