Saturday, 20 July 2019


The happy time spent with the people we love always gives us a precious memory. In our everyday's rush when we get a peaceful moment to look at ourselves we surely compare our present life with the times when we were happy, free and living an easy going life. With no sign of worries back then, we looked much more brighter than we are right now.

We human cherish health, happiness and youth much more when its gone. Instead of living today we worry for future and later regret for those moments that we couldn't live. The skin that was much prettier, the people that were much closer, the youth that was more cheerful. Everything we had with us fades away with time and the only thing remains is the dust of a handful of memories.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee at a friend's place. The movie watched with the whole group together. The first day of arts class with a childhood friend. While we look back at those days we definitely want to live them again. But, end up with the reality of Monday Morning.

Hard work, earnings and competition, of course these things has no end but that doesn't mean we have to forget what life is. we keep running and running but forget to where. we keep learning and learning but forget what. we keep living and living but forget why. Stop yourself from this regular process. Take a breath and ask yourself "Is this the life I dreamt of?" or "Is this what I deserve to live?"

Our every question will be answered when we meet the people left behind. When we experience the same joy and laughter just like we did in the past. So, take a break from the busy schedule to rejuvenate the 'U' in you.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon???

This Hindi title meaning "Why Am I Like This?" similar to the song featured in a Bollywood movie “LAKSHYA”. Beautifully Choreographed by Prabhu Deva and performed by the talented Hrithik Roshan. In the song the protagonist keeps raising this question and it is very nicely pointed in the song. Please do listen to this song if you get a chance. Did you ever think about this point? There are many times I do similar kind of mistakes at different occasion or in different context. But When I analyze the action taken during that period and the action that was taken in another context both having similar characteristic. Many of you may be having similar feeling but did you ever try to understand the root cause of this behavior.

Human being is quite a confused but the most intelligent animal who's keeping its brain busy with one or another activity every time. Because of this, the important life questions are mostly unanswered. We are in the digital era, or some of us might have born in the computer age, so the computer language is easy to understand. So I would like to give an example for how this is related to behavior of computer. We need phones or computers with higher memory storage to process more data or for multitasking. But what will happen with the computer when the RAM reaches to its extreme level of storage? The computer faces crash issue saying 'not enough memory available' and the phone responds slowly. If you take this example and compare it with human brain then you can sense the similar behavior of the brain and computer memory. We keep on storing things in our brain and if we stop clearing cache memory from our brain then we feel depressed or frustrated. Our responses will be slower or some day we can be blank and won’t be in condition to take any action. This kind of things keep happening because we don’t give a chance to our brain to shut down or reboot and clear the cache from brain.

There's a reason why meditation and yoga is quite famous now-a-days. Before mobile age, people had enough time to sit alone and think about their thoughts. They were keeping words with their mind. They used to speak with friends, family, close ones and even with themselves. Now in the age of information, the information is quite missing. Whereas, people has habit to dump the data from one bin to other bin and the cycle goes on. People won’t understand the fact that they are spending quite a lot of time on non-productive things. Even in your relaxing time, when you scroll down your social media account, your brain will keep processing that information. In other words, you are telling your brain that you are in relaxation mode but actually you are not.

Lets simplify the term Meditation. What is Meditation? This is a process to silence your external noise and listen your inner voice. Concentrate on your thoughts and gradually you will control your thoughts and emotions. In the old age, people used to do this activity often in their precious non-working, free time. The best time suggested to practice meditation is early morning or in the evening and give a change to collect your thoughts and see it in a new light. Ask a question to yourself, when will you have such quite time? Or Do you really care about your thoughts, mind and body?

We Humans don’t like questions. Questions brings out the mind from its comfort zone and it becomes uncomfortable to face your own thoughts. So when we keep ourselves busy, we don’t get time for such things and no questions occur. When I ask the myself, why am I like this? I don’t get answer, however, few more questions follow me and then the chain of reactions keeps on going. When you compare behavioral act with someone else you will start feeling challenged. To answer many question, you have to give time to your own mind. The simple answer to this question is Yoga and Meditation - The yoga and meditation will give you an opportunity to connect to your own mind and body.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019


A lost mind needs a ray of hope that will change the perspective and give a new light to your thoughts. With this light we can see same problem in a very different way and reach to a satisfying resort.
Quotes work the same way. They are simple to understand with great influence. It will be much more easier when these understanding and inspiring quotes become a decor for your room and also add a soothing, classy look to the wall. This way we can learn our lesson and get a cool home decor.

'Keep Calm' are trending quotes on social media. In just five words these quotes explains the point and simply make an impact.  This quote also makes a fancy decorative for a teenage room. 

"Keep Smiling, Be Grateful. Show Gratitude And Be Quite."
Keep Calm and do everything you want.

Opportunities do not come to you unless you take a step towards them. Your future is the result of the efforts you make today. Sports, education, art, you can achieve success in any field  once your goals are determined. 

You can even win a lost game with your hard work because "Opportunities Don't Happen, You Create Them."
Present is the key for a bright future and "The Future Depends On What You Do Today."
"Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow." Spend every single day with a dream.
Well said by Paulo Coelho "An Enthusiastic Heart Finds Opportunities Everywhere."

We know many great people from history who gave us life lessons from their experiences. These lessons are helping us through centuries and showing us a path through hardship. Seek positivity and learn to stand strong in any situation.

Don't fail to find ways that work because "I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
Don't forget "There Is No Substitute For Hard Work."
be wild and catch your goal "Once We Accept Our Limits We Go Beyond Them."
"More The Knowledge Lesser The Ego" And "Lesser The Knowledge More The Ego" What would you Choose Knowledge Or Ego.

Learning is fun with a suitable atmosphere. Surely a place with silence understands the sound of words. It will be even better if the words has a beautiful meaning and it is inspiring and energizing to the reader.

Don't skip your meals while studying and "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish."
Surely we need to "Work Harder Than Everybody Else" to achieve more.
"Life Is Beautiful" with "Smile, Pleasure And Happiness."
Always try to be a "Be A Good One."

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Monday, 15 July 2019

I Need More Than 24 Hours In A Day...!!!

I don’t have time! You might have heard this many times. Or you may have used this excuse before. To be honest, sometimes, even I give the same reason for my pending or incomplete tasks. The other day, I was speaking to a young student, who was planning to enroll in an engineering college. Her sister was complaining to me about her study and less marks in exam. According to her, she doesn't get enough time to study. In addition she stated "I need more than 24 hours in a day." This is not a case of just one student, but I have received same opinion from many student. I keep wondering about this student thought process. They get enough time from their school and college schedule, But still have complaints about it. And it is even difficult to imagine these kids changing from a student into a professional.

On the other hand, successful people or students also get those same 24 hours in a day. The time is same for every individual across planet. Have you thought about your time? or do you spend time on planning your time? Execution is also an important part. Time management is crucial for everyone and in our fast pace of life, time is getting more importance than anything in history. I'm not trying to teach you another management story. But making you realize that the time and its connection with our growth and development is on my target today. So I can only suggest you to use your time wisely. Because you cannot reverse the time or save it for future. You can get nice books, videos or podcast on "how to manage your time?"

“Every drop makes an Ocean” we all know this proverb with a great meaning. This simple proverb teaches us a billion-dollar success formula. This proverb is applicable for water storage, to gain or improve your wealth, and can be applied for your study or knowledge. This same can be applied for time as well. You cannot save the time but can extract every second of it into a valuable drop of your desired Ocean. You can convert your time into knowledge or wealth and that can be used in the future. You may get confused with the time conversion. The time conversion in knowledge is not as difficult as currency conversion or any other conversion. Also, rate of conversion depends upon your own grasping power and your own pace will decide how fast or slow you can build your own path.

Let’s take an example, you want to acquire new skill, or you want to read a big book. Everyone may have similar to do list in mind, but time is big constraint, isn’t it? We get 1440 minutes daily. Let’s start spending only 30 minutes for an activity that you've chosen on daily basis. In a month, you can put efforts of 900 minutes i.e. 10000 plus minutes in a year. I'm pretty sure everyone can make 30 minutes for their own benefits from their busy schedule. So, number of hours you spend on your own growth that time you are ideally converting into knowledge. Indirectly, you are saving or wisely using your time for your own personal development.

See, how simple is to grow and learn many things in life. When we are consistent with our efforts then time won’t be a constraint whereas time can be on your side to make many more things in the same time what everybody gets.

Sunday, 7 July 2019


Everybody may have heard this statement multiple times in their lifetime and these words are worth implying in your day-to-day life. Instead of just saying something, just prove your words with your actions. Majority of you will agree this. Combination of words can become a lovely poem, an inspirational book, a famous movie dialogue or a tagline for product. The few words can create an identity for things or people in the world. “Kitne Aadmi The”, “Simon Go back”, “Have A Good Day” are really good examples of how we can remember a complete movie, an incident or a product with just few words.

Being a School kid is not an easy thing. Kids have many thing on their to do list. Remember while you used to manage Time-table, memorize formulas and do other activities the best solution you found was to stick them on the wall. Sometimes even our parents helped us and encouraged to do so because this is an easy way to remember what you have to do next and organizes your time as well. Of course this idea worked back then and so will today. In the same way, we can place quotes on the wall. Quotes will boost your energy and will remind you your goals, achievements and principals of your life.

Quotes are like the simple extract of the complex philosophy book. If you look around and see the success stories then, you will definitely agree on my strong believed quote. “Simplicity wins over complexity”. Mahatma Gandhi has given a million-dollar formula in a simple quote. He Said, “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”. This quote is a secret formula for a successful Human life.

As a human nature, we blame on people or situation for our failure. Our another habit is to complaint that things are not in our control and its messed up. But when you see all the issues or problems from third view, everything is in our control.

As Gandhiji rightly said, “Change yourself- you are in control”. Don’t you think that instead of blaming others, we should take an initiative to do changes. Let me give an example of change. India is struggling with water and the situation is going to worsen in near future. Don’t we think that the small change in our personal life can change this picture? Let’s save a liter of water every day from your daily usage. You can save almost 365 liters of water in year. India with 130 billion people, can save 130 billion liters of water daily i.e.4.5 TMC water daily. In a year, 1675 TMC water can be saved. This will create a huge impact.

Why we are like we are? Why we have wrong belief? We all come from different culture, race and geographical location. Our backgrounds are different yet we all are equal from a human perspective. Still why everything seems so complicated? If you try to research, then you need to read many books to get the answer of this. Whereas Swami Vivekananda has simplified this in a quote. “We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live, they travel far”.

Thoughts, words and action are interconnected. Where we grow, what we listen and what we think make us and define our character. If you keep the best quotes around you, quotes will inspire you, take care of your goals, ideas and emotions. Quotes will help you to tackle difficult situations. So choose your quotes for your wall and build your character the way you want to be.

Saturday, 18 May 2019


The most important thing for us humans is 'Peace Of Mind'. With upgraded lifestyle and competition we have also got stress, anxiety and depression. While running to survive in this competitive world, do we have time to take care of our mental health? A simple change in our surrounding can make a huge difference in appearance and perspective as well.

Mandala meaning Magic Circle in Sanskrit is an art of creating a design in rotational form or motion. The internal and external circles are made to positively energize the soul and expresses wisdom. This design is been used past many years for healing, concentration and meditation purpose. It connects human nature and spirituality as one and strengthen your senses.

This pretty design also makes a great wall decor. What can be more happening than decorating a room and relieving your mind, both in one price. For a spiritual and peaceful atmosphere in the room the Mandala art decor is must buy item in your wish list.

With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes and sayings as per your mood and interests. A different quote or image on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019


After experiencing the day-to-day routine sometimes I want to run away to a place where nobody could find me and I can enjoy my own company. I can travel to a place covered with greenery or snow. maybe I'd like to visit a hill station, an Ocean or a dessert too. Just a thought of giving myself in the arms of mother nature, relieves half of my stress. I wish this could happen once in a while and I could collect the pictures of the beautiful scenery in my eyes.

Human has always been very kin to nature. Mountains, Oceans, Snow, Dessert, etc. each has a specific beauty and reason for existence. Pictures, paintings or posters of landscape design on the walls always adds a positive and fresh breeze to the environment of the room. Office, home, waiting zone or school, landscape design is suitable to any place and atmosphere.

But these pretty looking designs in the form of picture or painting are quite expensive and exquisite. Wall decal is a really cool decor solution to replace the costly product. It lasts for years without the beauty fading away with time. It is a refreshing and easy concept that makes an elite home decor.

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