Saturday, 18 May 2019


The most important thing for us humans is 'Peace Of Mind'. With upgraded lifestyle and competition we have also got stress, anxiety and depression. While running to survive in this competitive world, do we have time to take care of our mental health? A simple change in our surrounding can make a huge difference in appearance and perspective as well.

Mandala meaning Magic Circle in Sanskrit is an art of creating a design in rotational form or motion. The internal and external circles are made to positively energize the soul and expresses wisdom. This design is been used past many years for healing, concentration and meditation purpose. It connects human nature and spirituality as one and strengthen your senses.

This pretty design also makes a great wall decor. What can more happening than decorating a room and relieving your mind, both in one price. For a spiritual and peaceful atmosphere in the room the Mandala art decor is must buy item in your wish list.

With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes and sayings as per your mood and interests. A different quote or image on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019


After experiencing the day-to-day routine sometimes I want to run away to a place where nobody could find me and I can enjoy my own company. I can travel to a place covered with greenery or snow. maybe I'd like to visit a hill station, an Ocean or a dessert too. Just a thought of giving myself in the arms of mother nature, relieves half of my stress. I wish this could happen once in a while and I could collect the pictures of the beautiful scenery in my eyes.

Human has always been very kin to nature. Mountains, Oceans, Snow, Dessert, etc. each has a specific beauty and reason for existence. Pictures, paintings or posters of landscape design on the walls always adds a positive and fresh breeze to the environment of the room. Office, home, waiting zone or school, landscape design is suitable to any place and atmosphere.

But these pretty looking designs in the form of picture or painting are quite expensive and exquisite. Wall decal is a really cool decor solution to replace the costly product. It lasts for years without the beauty fading away with time. It is a refreshing and easy concept that makes an elite home decor.

Make every simple aspect of the house noticeable with creativity of KakshyaaChitra Arts.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


An individual's life is full of twist and turns. It's not less than a movie or a drama opera. Some lucky people even live to an extend of a fairy tale. After our every day busy schedule and tired weekdays we mostly prefer to watch movies or plays on weekends. For some time we can forget our trouble and enjoy watching a fiction character's life. It's quite relaxing, isn't it?
Thinking of that "A life like a movie" is a really cool thought for a modern decor. A home is a perfect location to capture the story of a happy family. Music of laughter and cry, the day-to-day melodrama involving multiple characters related to us, Isn't if fun to look at our life in a fascinating and entertaining way.
"Lights-Camera-Action" is a wall decor theme with cinematic charisma. With this decor idea change the look of the room in a dramatic way. with just one design a simple room can appear like a studio. This theme can also be installed in a studio where it already belong to.

1.Director's Cut:
When it's about a home, we all know the mom is the director of our show. While taking care of the family she makes sure everyone plays their role perfectly. The director's cut designs contents a director's chair, light and speaker. A very smart theme for someone to show who the boss is.
When adding a decor to the set of your family story add this design to your story. Because no movie can finish without a director's cut.

2. Binge It At Home:
In days when movies were watched on VCR or DVD players, it was really fun. But not everyone could afford it. Now with the rapidly changing virtual world everything is just one touch away from us. Movie, drama or sports, anything can be enjoyed sitting at one place with the help of technology. Whatever you like Binge It At Home with a suitable theme in the background.
The Home Cinema Wall Decal and Movie Reel Wall Decal are a catchy decor items for a place where you comfortably watch cinema at home.

3.Being Filmy:
The film roll and theatre masks are really impressive in decor ideas. People who are dramatic, funny and creative has eyes for such designs. The expressions of the mask are reality theatre industry. And film roll is a cozy touch of decor for a filmy person.
It's beautiful to have both decor designs in the house. when looking at film roll not to forget theatre was the beginning.

4. Music Of All Time:
A script never affects the audience only with good acting. It works hand-in-hand with music. With the addition of suitable music in the background we become more understanding towards the emotions. Because of the soft instrumental touch of music we could understand the romance between Jack and Rose from Titanic. Even after long time of movie release we still enjoy the song as if we're listening it for the first time.
Music Of All Time theme for a room where our favorite movie scenes are awoken with the soulful rhythm of the related soundtrack.

5. Enjoy The Show:
As we have come to the point lets discuss the most important thing here. The Snacks! If we are talking about movies then definitely snacks are prior in our list. Enjoying movies and plays with yummy snacks like Popcorn and Cola, Samosa, Ice cream, etc.
While you Enjoy The Show with Yummy Cheese Popcorns let the room have its own good time. With this entertaining designs on the walls recreate the theme of a cinema hall in the living room.

With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes or designs as per your mood and interests. A different quotes or design on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

Sunday, 14 April 2019



We know many renowned people from different fields. Entertainment, sports, music, politics, charity or noble cause, etc. in each field there are great people who have remarkable achievements and made the world praise them for their work. 
We paste pictures or posters of such admirable people in our room to encourage ourselves. Let's give an energetic look to the room by adding the stencils and silhouettes of these great people on the wall. And keep fighting to achieve our goals while they're observing us closely.

1. Intellectual And Rebel:
One's consistent struggle and unbreakable will for truth, justice and freedom makes them a rebel. While fighting for freedom against the British, India has given many great rebels to the history.

Swami Vivekananda, a monk, has always showed people a path of spirituality and peace. His brilliant and meaningful thoughts are world renowned.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a Political Leader and Nationalist, formed an army to defeat the British rule in India and sacrificed his blood for the nation.
Both personalities differ in visuals as they are intellectual and rebellious but they aimed to see a peaceful and free nation for their people. A study room wall or a student's room wall is a perfect place to install the design of these great heroes.

2. Beauty With Brains:
Pretty woman with brains always steals the show and makes your heart flutter. They always prove to the world that, they are not just fancy dolls but really smart at business in the man's world.
Audrey Hepburn, British Actress in 'Hollywood's Golden Age'. And Angelina Jolie, Highest paid actress active today. Now and then, both these women's are known for their good acting and wise decisions.

A Beauty with brains has the world at the tip of her little finger. What else can be a good decor product for a girl's room? Look forward to make plain surface, a smart looking wall. while their beauty will glam up the room with a celeb touch.

3. Goodness Of Nobility:
"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile".
This sentence sounds really meaningful when we think about these two great people. They lived their lives only for others and gave the message of Nobility to the World.
A political leader and a Philanthropist, Nelson Mandela, has always given himself completely for the peoples welfare and gave the weapon of education to the weak.

A Nun and Roman catholic Missionary, Mother Teresa, accepted the abandoned and sick as her own and took care of them.
We took lessons of empowerment and humanity from them. Silhouette design of noble people on a living room wall will nurture the positivity of the house. Place this design on a plain wall to give a warmth of care.

4. A Little Few Rich:
Can you become rich instantly with magic? Of course not. But we can be rich someday. Smart decisions, hard-work and consistency makes it all happen.
Bill Gates And Steve Jobs are world renowned names. Especially in the money market. We all read about what they've achieved how their journey has been so far. There's a lot more to learn from their success. But to learn from their failures is the real jackpot. After facing multiple hurdles in the path, they've finally reached to a place where the world admires them.

Millions of admirers wants to live that luxury but how many of them can achieve it? Place this smart decors in a student's room or a study room. And instead of counting the little few rich stars, inspire yourself to become ONE.

5. Living The Art:
Art is an undividable part of human life. Words decorated with rhythm and music gives a special impact on our mind. poetry, music, writing, theatre, painting, pottery, etc. Art has always been a stress reliever for the minds of living things. Even plants and animals understand its beauty and react positively towards the art.
Rabindranath Tagore, a well known name in Indian history of art. His soulful music and poetry is like a direction for a lost and uneasy mind. His writing is traditional yet revolutionary.

Pablo Picasso, another golden name in the book of arts. Paintings, sculpture and theatre is glorified by his contribution for several years.
Rabindranath Tagore Portrait Wall Decal or Pablo Picasso Portrait Wall Decal are perfect for an inspiring atmosphere in an artist's room. After all a room of an artist can't be a bizarre place in appearance.

Can you make an opinion on "Who do you want in your room?"
Get the best design for your room that will encourage you and develop your personality to keep you devoted towards your dream.
With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes or designs as per your mood and interests. A different quotes or design on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Cheap Sticker V/s Our Premium Wall Designs

Cheap Sticker V/s Our Premium Wall Designs

I was shopping cloths for an upcoming office event and I was looking for a dress online. There are thousands of options available in the market online and I have marked few of them. The couple of choices I made were great but a bit expensive and I don’t want to stretch my pocket for some reason. though I know the premium quality product wont gets in pennies. However, I took the risk and I bought the clothes.

I was proud on my choice and deal. But, in my mind, I was little uncomfortable with the longevity of this because of only cheap price. What if I wash a shirt and the color fades in one wash? What if the product does not fit comfortably on me? What people will say? Can they identify the cheap quality by just looking at the shirt? Would you like to use such products? Absolutely No, right?

I was comparing the known brands with my dress and I found the real difference. Both the products look good from far but anyone can point out the cheap quality. This can happen with every product and premium price people pay for best quality and comfort. The shirt can be easily changed or replaced however product like furniture, wall paint, bike or other cannot be easily replaceable or we cannot afford to replace. I have personally seen people who regret on the choice made on just cheap criteria and regretting after the usage. On the other side, There are people who buy only quality product and quality is the only criteria for them. Those are happy customers always because they think for longevity and long term.

Imagine, you are planning for house paint and you have chosen local paint because of the cheap material cost. You apply it on the wall and it  may look good in the beginning. But in few days, the color fades away and it was won't look attractive no more and now  as you have applied you can’t change it immediately. Why am I giving such examples? because this will happen with Wall designs as well. People search, buy cheap wall stickers online and buy product of 100 or 150 bucks in their wall, after few days they will realize that the charm of design has vanished and we cannot remove the design as there is fear of wall damage as well. So you have to carry such design till the next time when you paint i.e. for 2-3 or 5-10 years.

Personally, I believe that your wall is your personal space and it should always look the best. We always look for best quality for ourselves then why to spoil our mood by looking at the cheap design. Cheap stickers might turn to ugly one after few days when the adhesive on the edges of the design give up or the color the design is faded. Your surrounding atmosphere makes your mood and keep you happy when you see all things good around you.

Try premium quality wall stickers of Kakshyaachitra which will give best quality for long time. We have spoken with our oldest customer and till today we have not received any complaint regarding the look and feel. It is still fresh, charming and beautiful as it was on day 1. Few more bucks can bring you happiness for years instead of regret.

Another point to this discussion is to build own standard by using best quality options. If you want to be in elite category, then you have only choice of using Kakshyaachitra’s wall stickers instead of cheap stickers. The cheap is not always good and fancy won’t make your mood always better. Monochrome is like what your idea speaks on your wall and give you peace and fancy sticker will give you pleasure for few seconds and then you start disliking it. The same things will happen so make a best choice of monochrome wall designs for KC’s catalogue. Please do visit for exploring the world of quality and happiness.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Speaking Walls

Speaking Walls 

Everyone want to save their hard earn bucks irrespective of class and sects. The person riding a bike or traveling in the Mercedes, BMW or Tesla has common idea to buy best product at the best price. So, when it comes for wall design, every individual has personal idea of decoration and most of the time, personal and family emotions are attached to it. Now-a-days, its common practice to check the prices online before buying phone, electronic gadgets, clothes or any other product.  don’t you do that…?? Ummmm… if you ask question to individual then in most of the cases, the answer would be Yes. If you are doing the same, then you are one of the intelligent and smart buyers like many of us.

Whenever, we start hunting place to dwell in any of the big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad or anywhere in the world, our basic idea is to get easy commute to work, have good surrounding and market, office place and other basic places are easily accessible from our residence. What else you would look for? What could be the ideal place for you to stay? How the flat or villa should look like? Do you think about the entrance direction? What else you will look for? There will be hundreds of questions before choosing the area and place.

When you finalize the place and area, then our thoughts rotate around our own personal space. Many time our moms / Spouse will yell at us to keep the room clean, neat and tidy. But, most of the time, we just ignore the advice or just push the task for later. In our messed up area, there should be one good place which can be visible easily and give us a vibe of happiness and expresses our thoughts easily. So, which could be that place? Living room? Bedroom? Recreational area? Kitchen or any other corner of our house?  Have you heard about speaking wall? If you ask same question to me then I would go with my room wall with personalized stuff like designs, best photos, beautiful and cherishing memories, art and craft. These small things will make the bigger impact and can change to the speaking wall.

Let’s make a list of things that can be used to convert boring wall into speaking and personalized wall.

1) Your Achievements – add your photos, Medals, Certificate to the room that you are proud of.

2) Personal thought or Motivational words – This can be from any book, from your favorite author or own creation. This will definitely inspire you for making next move to achieve your dreams, complete your bucket list.

3) Poetry – I love poems and many of you as well. Put your beloved lyrics or poem on wall to get feel of that whenever you enter home.

4) Wall Design – If you have designed your home with specific theme then you can get thousands of KakshyaaChitra’s design to make wall more beautiful.

5) My ideals – Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite player and Swami Vivekananda is my ideal. I want to see them to keep myself motivating to achieve something like them or to be like them. You can keep their pictures or their memories on wall.

6) Football, cricket or any other sport design – I have seen the crazy football and cricket fans during the world cup matches. Every Indian is a cricket fan and they keep their loved players in their heart. You can place sports person or football or anything else on your wall to feel happy.

7) Handmade crafts or Paintings – My sister love painting and she keeps on painting lot many stuff based on her mood. You know what, she will place all those paintings on her cupboard doors and keep on criticize them at every glance.

8) Cycle – I love cycling and I keep my cycle in my room. Of course this healthy habit can be a decorative that will always motivate me to wake up early in the morning and ride the bike for some time.

If you keep on observing web series or movies, you will get hundreds of ideas easily. Every small thing can make your wall more beautiful and add feelings to it. Please share your idea of making an ordinary wall to speaking wall.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Festive Theme Decor Collection

Festive Theme Decor Collection

The festive season is on the way. The upcoming three months are filled with the essence of mythological tales celebrated as Dassehra in October followed by Diwali in November and Christmas in December.
Make the walls of your house look more creatively uplifted with our beautiful collection decor designs.

The Shakti Wall Decal Design:
Shakti means power. As the word itself says this wall decal design is a symbol of an modern empowered women. The graceful face of Maa Durga holds all the aspects of her nine avatars. It features bold eyes, a sharp nose with a paisley nose ring, peacefully quite lips and a third eye on forehead. This featured face is elevated with the paisley design around it. Also the crown of curves on the head is added for the grip on the top of it. The finishing again given by the paisley frame completes this ethnic and devotional piece of decor. On this Navratri festival, the nine days celebration of victory of goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura, Bring this design home that resembles the strong women in today's world.

The End Of Exile - Diwali:
"All's Well That Ends Well." As stated in the mythological epic story Ramayana, Diwali is celebrated to cherish the moment when Lord Rom returned Ayodhya from exile. The people of Ayodhya celebrated this day by lighting lamps everywhere in the kingdom expressed their happiness. Since people use Diyas for the celebration of Diwali, it is known as the festival of light. To highlight the extravagance of this ritualistic festival "The Hanging Diyas For Diwali Decoration" Design is a must in your decor list. Keeping in mind of Diwali this illustration is been designed especially to lighten up the decors of the room wall in a very traditional way. It is an easy idea for bright and classy wall that will remove the darkness of the room and make your home look perfect for the festival.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Is Coming:
"Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh." 
On the auspicious day of Christ's birth the whole world celebrates Christmas. A bright child born to Mother Mary the changed the living of people to better. On this festival kids desperately wait for Santa. He brings gifts for kids and make them happy. On his wooden sleigh pulled by the reindeers Santa will come to your place as a gift himself. In the form of a room decor this "Creative Santa Claus with Reindeer Wall Decal" design is an opportunity to give the kids their perfect Christmas surprise. Add this art to create a festive theme and welcome your guests with happy Santa.

With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes and sayings as per your mood and interests. A different quote or image on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

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