Friday, 13 March 2020

The Truth Of Corona Virus

It's the third month of the year and the human life is disturbed already. Almost 120 countries are affected by the Corona Virus and yet no cure has been found.  As we can see in the news the number of victims of this virus is getting bigger and so is the number of deceased is getting higher. But how did this all start? And how can we protect ourselves from this life taking virus?

How big the problem is and how can we avoid it?
The media has covered the related to the virus from various countries. According to the news many nations have asked their citizens to strictly to stay at home for safety. Ban on travelling has also become a big issue with the growing problem of virus. In this extreme situation the room of the cause is still unclear. The cure has also not been found yet and this is raising the tension more among the people.

Even though the cure for the virus is still not found we can at least avoid it with the simple habits in our day-to-day life. The size of the Corona virus is 400-500 micro. This size can be easily by avoided if we cover our mouth with a simple piece of cloth. The virus is actually not spreading through the air but by the by ground. As in, when the virus is left on a object by an infected person and if the other person come in contact with the same thing there are chances other people may get infected too.

For example- The virus has 20 hours life on metal. If you touch a metal handles or knobs in public places the virus may attack you. But within the life of the virus if you wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds you can avoid the issue. Also carry a sanitizer wherever you travel and keep sanitizing your hands time-to-time. Similar things goes with the clothes. Keep them clean and sun-dry it for 2 hours to sanitize them. Drink warm water, eat homemade hot food and avoid takeouts. Keep yourself warm and dry.

Our Everyday hygiene habits are enough to keep us away from this highly life consuming virus. The virus isn't as strong as mentioned in the news. It's the cure to control the death that we haven't found yet. If we keep ourselves clean and follow basic hygiene rules the virus cannot catch us. The problem right now is not as big as we have made it. In this situation all it demands is a little bit of extra cleanliness. Do not fool yourself with wrong messages and make sure to be clean and safe.

Good News!!!
The good thing is that the virus cannot survive in 27-36 degree Celsius temperature. And luckily we're in the month of march welcoming the lovely warm summer. With the sun getting hotter we can expect for a decrease in the number of people getting affected by Corona Virus. We hope the heat will kill the virus soon and we can get back to our normal living.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Holi Ke Rango Mein…

I just love colors. I can’t even imagine a world without colors. The festival of colors is about to come and still some of you will be having many excuses not to celebrate this Holi with friends. Let’s talk about the Holi festival, ‘Holi…….Festivals of colors’ A festival that revives our religion in “the conclusion of fine over evil”. Holi festival is mostly celebrated within the month of March. It is one in all celebrated fun festivals in India. Various numerous stories are associated with Holi. This festival starts with the Holika Dahan. All people wait for the next day of Holi for the play of colors. It is said that traditionally, Indian men and women could not mingle, says. But Holi was an occasion when they could flirt, by touching one another with colorful pastes.

Every Color have It’s Own Meaning
Do you guys know the story behind Holi colors and throwing color powders on each other. The story originated from Lord Krishna and Radha's love story. As there was much difference in the skin colors of Krishna and Radha, Krishna was unhappy with this thing so his mother suggested he to color Radha with the same blue color as he was having. By following this ritual couples celebrate this festival by coloring each other's faces with the same color to express their love for each other. Rather than painting a fairly image, the colors hold special significance. Every color signifies an emotion, a mood, and a state of mind.

Red - Red is the color of blood and fireplace. It is the image of love, desire, passion, romance, courage, anger, danger, and determination.
Blue - Blue is related to the sea and sky and associated with space and freedom. It is the symbol of imagination, inspiration, and intelligence. The color blue has positive effects on the mind and therefore the body.
Pink - The color of compassion, love, nurturing, etc. It is the symbol of unconditional love. It is said that it is a feminine color. 
Yellow - Turmeric color symbolizes happiness, knowledge, and peace.
Green - The color of nature. It represents greenery and the start of spring and end of winter.
Purple - Color of mystery, ambition, and power.

Decorating your home with different bright colors is a great idea for festive seasons like Holi. You just have to do one thing to connect with us(add link) for the best colorful and meaningful wallpapers to decorate your home as all the bright colors of Holi symbolizes all the positive vibes that can add value and positiveness to your home.

Cleaning Up Holi Colors
To get rid of the Holi colors disaster, Hindus are suggested to moisturize hair and skin well to help prevent the gulal from spattering. Washing face with lukewarm water will be beneficial at the initial state. It is advised to apply coconut water on the face and whole body along with hair before playing Colors. Applying homemade face packs i.e. paste of gram flour rose water, milk, and lemon will help to some extent. With these remedies, one should definitely get rid of the Holi colors disaster.

Joining the Fun
Holi is celebrated beyond the continents. Not only in India but Hindus celebrate Holi in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan as well, also other countries with mass exodus populations like South Africa, and Malaysia also celebrates Holi. The foreign countries like the United Kingdom and the United States also arrange parties, gigs, and events across the country, making it possible for many to join the crowd and have fun.

Corona Virus and Holi 2020
As Holi is about to come on the next day and in the world corona virus has created hype on social media. Meanwhile honorable PM Mr. Narendra Modi has tweeted that he will not be a part of Holi in 2020, and has given a message to the public to avoid crowded places. The government has taken enormous precautionary measures and exercises to detect corona virus. So as per the PM's message try to avoid playing Holi in crowded places and have a safe celebration with your friends and family. We as Kakshyaachitra wish you all a very Happy, safe and Eco-friendly Holi 2020. We have lots of traditional wallpaper and wall murals to make this festive season more interesting.

So let’s decorate your home with our different home decor ideas and paintings. Kakshyaachitra has come up with different impressive wallpapers and wall murals for decorating your home, and it will definitely captivate your family and friends on this Holi celebration gathering. Contact us for more details.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Make them feel extra special this Woman’s Day!

The last couple of years were fantastic for gender equality. From #MeToo, #TimesUp hashtags that clasp the planet, and the voices that urge for gender equality are getting louder than ever. Right now men and women around the world are part of an unparalleled movement of women's rights, gender equality, and justice. Many women are raising their voices and harassment through campaigns like above mentioned #MeToo. So has the life of a common woman has changed? 8th March has been a precious day for all precious women within the world. This day is celebrated as the International Women's Day all over the world. On this auspicious day, we go on celebrating the courageous and brave women who work hard for self amelioration and shaping the world towards betterment. This day is also a reminder that so much more changes need to be done for countless numbers of women whose voice is still unprecedented and who are not given the liberty to showcase their full prospective.

                 I just remembered the renowned quote of the most renowned actor and an angry young man of movie industry Amitabh Bachchan on women who said something like this - “Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go. Don't live in the shadows of people's judgment.” This beautiful quote states that women have all the rights to enjoy the same as men folks. Women are not anyone’s slave. All women have the right to make their individual decisions and have the choices to measure their life as they want to measure.

            Did you people ever think about why we still need to look at this day as an acclamation day? The answer is in front of you all - for example, still, we people raise our eyebrows if any woman chooses her profession as a boxer or wrestler rather than yoga and dance. Again another example is, most of the power positions still are not women-friendly. In our culture, women's get blamed for Rape isn’t this thing is sarcasm! Still in our culture women are judged by their dressing styles, by their living standard, by their virginity status, by having tattoos to having surgeries. Nothing is discernment from all the above things. Many brave ladies like Kalpana Chawla, Medha Patkar, Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Phogat, acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal or our very own mothers are the best examples who have made us pride in every way, and have given a hard blow on the face of all the male dominating peeps who think women are inferior to them. Someone has said that “Every man needs women when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess- the queen protects the king.” Really being a woman is a very beautiful and amazing thing. Fidelity and solicitude are the best qualities and these two qualities are shared by many women. When a woman is in love then she guards her man in every possible way, she always looks after her man and looks after his best interests. In chess the queen is sacrificed if this is often required to save lots of the king and forestall the sport from being lost, and this may even be true in life. A true lady can check that her king is taken care of, she is going to shield and be loyal even against all odds, and this is often why there's an excellent lady behind each great man.

The same thing is applicable to the field of work. Still, most of the ordinary women’s lives have not yet changed at work. We are lucky that we are part of such organizations where gender equality is a part of both guiding principles and practice. But this is not the sunshine and rainbows everywhere. So this women’s day let's take a vow to celebrate all the precious and remarkable women in your life not only on women's day but also for the whole year. Connect with us to celebrate women’s rights activists everywhere. Cuddle your inner activist and empower the women in your life. The following are the different ways by which you can celebrate this women’s day and make the special ladies in your life feel extra special…
  1. The Desired Gift:- It is always a good idea to gift something to ladies as ladies are very fond of gifts. So on this women's day plan to gift something to the special ladies in your life. If you know those ladies very well then you will definitely know what they like or what they are planning to get from you. Celebrate this every day as she is precious one million ways. One way to make her happy is to contact us to get the best inspirational wallpapers along with quotes for women. We are having a tremendous variety of inspiring quotes wallpapers to make women around you happy. Decorate your lovely ones room, home, workplace with such our wallpapers and make her happy. Kakshyaachitra will surely bring a smile on her face and feel her special on this day.
  2. Promote Gender Diversity at your workplace:- According to the study more the women in the team had more they performed. It’s a universal truth and acknowledged part of every organization that empowering women and creating more balanced and gender equality surroundings around the work space. According to Grant Thornton, “companies perform better when they have women in leadership roles.” All these things can be achieved through arranging seminars, workshops, etc, to step forward in this direction. 
  3. Organize a Social Event:- Networking events or meet-ups are the best way to promote something or to discuss something, where men and women can put their thoughts and concerns freely and you will get to know that many are having similar concerns to your challenges and problems. You can google for online social events and meet-ups, you will find many. Also, you can organize events offline.
  4. Schools and Colleges should arrange Women’s Day celebration programs:- This activity may help in guzzling the respect for women on the mind of the next generations from their very childhood.
  5. Celebrate the Women’s in Cinema:- As you analyze you will notice that the film industry is also additionally dominated by males. This is heard from many female actresses that they are getting paid much less than male actors. Organizing a film screening is the best way to celebrate IWD. Films having women actresses as in a lead role can be screened.
  6. Holding a Fitness and Health Consultation Programs:- Health and fitness is an integral part of every human being’s life, especially women's life. Women always think that it’s their responsibility to do all the things in a perfect manner, and in this trap, they work 24*7 to make every other member from the family happy and forget to prioritize themselves. All this leads to physical and emotional weakness. So on the occasion of Women’s day, a consultation program from an expert nutritionist will help a lot. This should be an interactive session so that every woman should understand how fitness is important to live a healthy and happy life and how it would be beneficial to take extra time for exercise daily. 
  7. Self Defense Awareness and Training Sessions:- Today we are living in the 21st century still the women's are not safe in this male dominating brutal system. Day by day Rape cases are increasing. One woman is getting raped every 15 minutes on average in India. Keeping yourself safe could be a priority, and each ladies deserves to grasp the correct skills to defend herself if or once danger attacks. Self defense parades this supply of freedom for girls in imperfect world. Building confidence in physical resistance skills permits ladies to feel additional capable in doubtless dangerous areas as they apprehend the correct techniques to assist prevent an assaulter. So arranging self defense training programs on women's day and on everyday will be a great idea. 
I am very blessed to have so many remarkable women in my life, while we celebrate International Women’s Day, I hope you too will remember to appreciate the women around you every day of the year. She is a sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, and wife. Let all-important women in your life know that they hold an important and distinctive position in your life and heart. Let them know and feel that they are special, this Women’s Day! We as a Kakshyaachitra team wish all the beautiful women around the world a very Happy Women’s Day 2020. Connect us for more details about our wall decals and wallpapers and never miss our interesting reads on various topics on

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a Hero of Modern India!

India from the ancient times known for its bravest, heroic and jingoistic warriors. Is there a great hero, a greater saint, a greater bhakta and a greater king than Shivaji? “Shivaji Maharaj” was indisputably one of the great Maratha and legendary in India. With his unblemished warrior skills and never-ending courage Maharaj founded the Maratha Empire in India. I have grown up by listening and getting motivated by the great Shivaji Maharaj’s bravery stories. In India, within the sequence of celebrated festivals Shivaji Jayanti is one of the festivals having the supreme importance. The great Maratha Shivaji Maharaj battled for protecting our land from raiders, robbers and foreign invaders and have maintained India’s culture, heritage, tradition and holy writ alive. Shivaji Raje Bhosale has made significant contributions not only for the Maratha Empire but also to the rest providence of India.

                         19th February is the date that is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj in India. This great Maratha was born on 19th February 1630 in the Shivneri fort located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated basically in Maharashtra state among Marathas. Shivaji was a born leader, he was very active since his childhood. At his early age of 16 he started his battle and has battled against Mughals to protect our land and have kept it safe. Apart from his defeat, Shivaji Maharaj is well known for his respect for every human being. He always privileged every woman. In a time of great political disruption in the region, Shivaji engraved out an enclave from the declining Adilshahi sultanate of Bijapur that formed the genesis of the Maratha Empire. He was formally ordained as the Chhatrapati.

                    Raje Chhatrapati was very well known for his warfare tactics knowledge as he was very well aware of the geography of his land and guerilla warfare strategies like a trap, assault, etc. Shivaji Maharaj is also known as the Father of the Indian Navy as he was the first person to know the consequences of naval force and established the navy and forts on the coastline to protect the Konkal side of Maharashtra. We all know Shivaji was a good warrior but how many of us know that he has built a very good and vigorous administration too. He has built this administration even if he had no formal education and has spent most of his time in battle. Some of his achievements are like -:

1) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a self-made man who started his empire i.e. “Swarajya” at the age of 12-14.
2) Guerrilla Warfare - Shivaji Maharaj used this technique. In this technique the soldiers use unusual tactics to fight the enemy in traitorous ways. This technique was used for many wars and now the same has been taught in much military training academy.
3) Strategy - All the wars of Shivaji were well planned and with good strategy. None of his wars were exasperating in nature. No Mughal general or ruler neither Adilshah or Nizamshah could arouse Shivaji to commit any mistake.
4) Always privileged every woman  - Shivaji was strongly against any kind of violence or harassment against women. Many believe this might have come from his enormous love and respect for his mother, Jijamata. His crewmen were sent with strict instructions as to not harm a single woman if they attacked villages or other places.
5) Management & Planning - Shivaji Maharaj not only known for his bravery and war tactics but also for his management planning and skills. Basic functions of management include tacts like planning, organizing, directing, controlling, etc. Shivaji Maharaj was the flag bearer in terms of planning and management. Planning is the most fundamental skill for all managerial functions. Good planning helps an administrator order to achieve predestined goals. There is a proverb that “ A well-planned work is half done” this proverb states the meaning of planning and management in a very well manner.
6) Sturdy revenue collection system and warned the officials against harassment
7) Put an end to jagirs and paid army in cash this led to the eradication of corruption.
8) Developed a very executive army - Before Shivaji, his father and ancestors made use of civilians and farmers who fought for them in the dry seasons and never invested in an army. But Shivaji changed this thing and pursued to establish a dedicated army and troopers and they were paid and trained throughout the year.
9) Known as Father of Indian Navy - His forts in Jaigad, Sindhudurg, Vijaydurgand other places stand evidence to this.

For all Hindus and Indian politicians the biography of Shivaji Maharaj is the answer to all problems. To know all his tactics and skills one should have to read his biography with discernment and sensitivity. Shivaji Maharaj is not only a tremendous source of inspiration for all past generations but also will continue to guide and inspire future generations. On the occasion of Shiv Jayanti get this legends wallpaper from Kakshyaachitra and decorate your home, office or work area with this warrior’s images along with best inspirational quotes. We are having his variety of wallpapers, so why are you waiting? Just contact us for inspiring yourself and your children with the great Shivaji Maharaj images. The history of India is incomplete without the Marathas and of course without Shivaji Maharaj. We salute this legend, epic warrior and modestly dedicate this article to him.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Pongal Lohri And Sankranti – It’s A Celebration Of Winter

It was January Sunday, temperature was around 18 – 19 degree. I opened my eye by listening this classic song on radio… "Jab Chali Thandi Hawa Jab Uthi Kali Ghata...." When you stay in Indian subcontinent then weather is pretty pleasant and quite chilly air in surrounding.  I was not feeling like to come out of my cozy bed but my mom was asking to get ready soon and we have to go market to get few of the stuff for upcoming festival of Makar Sankranti  / Lohri / Pongal. We celebrate Sankranti but every Indian state has their own name for this festival . I am not here to write about festival today but I wonder how our Indian festivals are planned and does it has any significance?

Our growing bro culture just say how outdated our culture is and what is the use of celebrating those useless festivals. You may be shocked after getting to know that this festival has scientific reason behind that. What was that? Just hold on, I am going to answer that. Before that tell me, have you observed that you are little more hungry in winter than rest of the seasons. Do you know the reason behind this? This is because of our body. Human body will require more calories to generate enough energy to maintain the body temperature constant and resist the coldness. Isn’t this scientific? Now remember the recipe’s prepared by your mom during this festival. All items are full of oil seeds like Sesame, ground nuts or more heat generating cereals like Bajra (Pearl Millet) and all. All these items will provide you extra energy during cold weather. Isn’t this a great arrangement. Our ancestors has ensured good health while celebrating the festival and considered the easily available items for common man for the festival.

So tell us about your festival and story? Share interesting stories of you for celebration. The best story will get an exciting price and also, we will publish your story on our blog.

Celebrate this festival and remember our great ancient designs keeping them on your wall. Easy and best wall stickers will be available through our online portal.

Beautiful Warli Art that shows everyday life and celebration through tribal designs work on a your house wall, will make an exceptional appearance for a festive mood.

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Saturday, 11 January 2020

5 Success Formulas For Youngsters Through Wall Stickers

Since my childhood, I always get inspired from Swamiji’s thoughts. I am talking about a none other than but great HINDU monk — "Swami Vivekananda." If you read his literature, you will find all following successes formulas in his books and speeches. These are very simple rules, but very difficult to follow in our life. Our human monkey mind keep on jumping from one thought to another and speed of the change is faster than speed of light. During reading above 4 statements, your mind could have traveled from so many places. Isn’t it ?

The five simple keys to success are as follows:

1) Dream big — There are so many day dreamers. I am one of them, so I knew how it feels! However, the dream keeps on changing every day, and that’s a root cause of your all issues. We keep on changing our dreams based on time, location and environment.

2) There is no shortcut for success — Now I have a dream to be a cyclist or a good programmer. So first question to myself, do I work hard and my thoughts convert into action and act? Unfortunately, No…! I just keep on changing my thoughts and day dream about the greatest coder or fastest cyclist. You take any field, unless you work hard, you cannot reach to sustainable success level. Shortcut may reach you at a temporary height, but there is no guarantee of that success. No one in this world is successful without hard work, dedication and passion. The famous quote "Arise! Awake! And do not stop until the goal is reached" of Swamiji, can be placed on your wall. Just try our best wall sticker and feel the difference. As the scientific study states that human mind gets inspired more by the pictures, by seeing some inspiring things around humans can lower their inferiority feeling. So our Kakshyaachitra wall stickers will definitely help your mind to get motivated and achieve your dreams in life.

3) Don’t compare yourself with others — Do you know, every individual is unique having different abilities to think and work. When you compare yourself with others, then you might be underestimating yourself. You are not having any idea about others sacrifices or compromises that person has made during their success journey. Another quote from Swamiji can boost your confidence rather than your inferiority feeling. Swamiji Says, "All power is within you; you can do anything and everything."

4) "Take risks in your life, If you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide!" — This quote has a wonderful meaning. You should always take risks and challenges in your life. Once you take challenges then unseen wisdom and knowledge could be seen. If you don’t take any risks then you will never come to know your ability of doing impossible things possible in your life. If you are unable to chess the challenge then at least you can learn from your failure and you will be able to guide others for the same.

5) Believe in yourself 
(You cannot believe in god unless you believe in yourself.) — It states that you should be trustworthy to yourself and with others. You should have ability to take right decisions in your life. You should have sound strategy to achieve your goal and should not get distracted by others opinion. You should always remain honest to yourself even if no one is watching. You should accept yourself first then only you will be able to overcome dreams and goals of your life.

Image plays a vital role to motivate human mind . As that’s because visuals add a component to storytelling your life that text cannot do. It is said that human mind can catch visual images more than any other things. As we live in visual world people are more attracted to image. Most of the people use image campaigns to grow their business. So, if you also want to grow and achieve your dreams then get motivated with Kakshyaachitra wall papers.

You will get lots of wallpapers with motivation images along with effective quotes. I am sure our wallpapers will definitely change your life.

Monday, 30 December 2019

A New Year Inspiration….

Hope your 2020 is off to the good start, or still you are planning your resolution for new year ? Yes, we common people state it as a new year resolution, however, based on my personal experience the resolution can not be completed unless you have inspiration to do so or passion regarding the same.Everybody wants a fresh beginning for the new year. Let’s take a common example of Exercise and become lean and fit in a year time.As most of the new year’s resolutions are either to lose weight and become healthier or reading. Most of the people will be having fitness on the top of the list. I believe that everyone have/had this resolution sometimes in the lifetime. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, majority of  people failed to achieve their goal of becoming slim and trim and wear favorite jeans or t-shirt. Isn’t it? If you are also one of them, then this blog is for you...

If you are further reading means you agreed with my above statement. Life will give you an opportunity to correct it and start working towards your goal. As per the statistics very few people are able to achieve their goals in life.Anyways, again we are at the end of year 2019 and everyone is thinking to prepare a change list and things can be improved in their life in coming year. Are you also in same dilemma of to-do-list and how to achieve the same? I can not help you to finalize the list of the changes because those are personal to everyone, but instead of giving advice I will share with you guys what I am going to do to achieve my goal resolution in upcoming year 2020.

1) Reading – I want to improve my reading capacity and  have to target to finish X number of books in coming year.

2) Fitness – I want to be perfect towards athlete fitness body and want to achieve my 500 KM running goal in full year.

3) Travelling – I have planned to visit at least one foreign nation and couple of home country places during this coming year and spend couple of weeks vacation time in exploration.

4) Learning – One new technology and one new domain exploration is on my agenda for next year.

5) Eating – I want to reduce my junk food consumption and be strict about my diet and have to increase intake of more healthy food.

Do you have any similar goal as of mine? What a stupid question I am asking. Everyone will be having similar list or may be longer list of goals. Now, hold your breath and read the next statement. Here, I am going to tell you a billion-dollar secret to stay with the goal and how to fulfill your wish. The two-word answer for this most difficult question is Inspiration and Dedication. You should get inspired daily for your every action to accomplish your wish list. Second and important is the Dedication. You should dedicate your most precious time and keep reserve some time daily for each of the action item.

You can decide a gift for yourself if you achieve your goal. That can be your Inspiration and do a bet with your girlfriend, boyfriend, and wife, spouse or your closed or loved ones. They will remind you every time of your bet and your wish to get a gift from yourself can motivate you to act daily. How Kakshyaachitra can help you to keep intact with your goals? I will explain, on Kakshyaachitra site you can buy best stickers online from our collection of inspirational quotes, favorite sport, music, gym and players. Even you can request for custom wall stickers and we can make it for you. You can stick it on your wall and our wall decal will help you to remind your goal daily. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check our India’s best wall stickers and decals and let it to  fulfill your goals.
Team Kakshyaachitra wish you all a  very “Happy New Year 2020” and wishing you to achieve your goal to stay healthy. 

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