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How Kcwalldecals Can Fulfill Your Wall Decal Requirements?

A week ago, we received an enquiry from a client regarding some of our wall decal designs which he found on our website. We knew exactly what he meant and what he wanted for decorating his new home. In this article, we have briefly described the wall decals and how our client installed them successfully in his home.

He has send images of the installation done in his home, which we will be discussing briefly in the second part of this article.

The requirements

The wall decal is 2 feet x 2 feet and is comes in black color. It beautifully matches the white or light colored backgrounds. In the above image the contrasting black wall decal and the red colored sofa set blend well, with a plant nearby. It is ideal for installation in compact rooms like the dining room or study room.

 The above image is 3 feet x 3 feet and is well highlighted by placing it above a white colored sofa set. Not the mention the plants on both the sides do a fantastic job. You will need to install it a medium to large room like the dining hall or bedroom. If you liked the warli tarpa circular dance wall decal, then you can log on the link

 Similar to the one above, it is 3 feet x 3 feet. The wall decal unlike others is heavy with color and large characters. Other wall decals come with smaller characters and are light. Hence you will want to ensure that you install it in a room which needs more feel and character to it. For example the bedroom which is usually dull and bland.

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 Considering the wall decal to be large in size at 6 feet x 6 feet, you will want to see to that you install it in the living room or a large spacious room. Installing it in a small and compact room would be hideous. The wall decal is neither, light or heavy with characters and comes just the way it should.

 The client

The white background suits the wall decal beautifully. The space required for the decal is compact and hence it is perfect for small areas like the one mentioned in the image. The black contrast of the television set and the dark toned table is the perfect setting to say the least. Not to mention, the background white curtains which again provide some drama to the room.

 The installment of the wall decal has been perfect done by placing them above the curtains in the room. The dining hall is not large or small it is medium in size, which says a lot about the lengthy wall decal. Instead of installing it on the wall, which might not have suited the room, it has been rightly place on upper part of the room.

This probably would be the best image of all. The light colored ambience with the large wall decal on the background, with the white colored background is perfect. Not to mention the single light on top, give the right amount of balance to the appearance of the room. The furniture too blends in well with the wall decal along with the lighting.

It couldn’t have been placed in a room in a better way.

Interior design is all about getting the right balance between all the items and elements which are placed in the room. As you can in the above image, the round shaped image blends in fantastically with the bed as well the lengthy mirror. It has been placed right underneath the lighting which gives it just the right amount of attention it should possess in the room.

The white background and the dark toned bed with the mirror which combines as the furniture and blend well with the well decal, which was the ultimate aim.

Here is another view of the living room where the wall decal has been installed magnificently. You can get the real picture of the wall decal highlighting itself in the room. The living room calls for a large wall decal and that is what has been installed in here. Smaller looking wall decal would not have gotten the same look and appearance, what has been achieved in here.

This is another classic example of how to brighten up the bedroom. The installed has been done perfectly, with the wall decal placed right under the lighting. It gives the right amount of flavor and balance to the room. The book shelf has been placed just in the right manner. The dark toned bed and the white background gives the room a totally another dimension.

Overall, it is truly a fantastic work of installation done by the home owners. It just goes to show that with a little imagination and creativity, you can make a simple looking home appear elegant and luxury. The apartment or individual home where this is based was otherwise, just merely a home, but has been now been transformed into a beautiful and loving place called home.
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