Friday, 10 June 2016

Mastani - Ethnic Indian wall decal from Kakshyaachitra

Mastani wall decal
Mastani - Ethnic Indian wall decal by Kakshyaachitra
First look of a special 'Ethnic Indian' wall decals series by Kakshyaachitra.

The inspiration was to create beautiful art in a decal form which has it's roots in Indian heritage.

Moreover, the inspiration was Game of Thrones. If they could create such brilliant drama on screen with a fictional story and characters, then we thought there are innumerable braver heroes than John Snow and Ned Stark in the pages of Indian history. There certainly are descriptions of women more beautiful than Khaleesi in our past.

We wanted to bring them back to life. They are as of now confined to the walls of palaces and the pages of history books.

We imagined Mastani to be brought to life again and the brave Indian warriors positioned proudly on every Indian wall.

We believe these designs in magnificent real-life sizes of 4-6 feet will create a splendid new mode of indoor decor. It will etch a piece of India in the home forever. It will embed the grace of the Ashwamedh and of the Airawat in the wall.

We sharing one design from a seasons collection of 10 with you to have a look, this is the first-look of the Mastani wall decal.
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