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Astounding indoor decor at Koregaon Park, Pune

It was as long as Sep 25 that we had received this enquiry from Dipali,

“Hi, I am an interior designer and I am looking for ceiling decals, around the lamp decals and some designs of cats, cat toys for a client of mine.”

It was her first assignment and the enthusiastic designer was wholeheartedly working to beautify this sprawling second home in one of the premier localities in Pune, in Koregaon Park. Time passed by and Dipali came up with her own designs for a ceiling, some artistic flowers in one of the bedrooms and a cute little composition with cats and some objects for another room.

We absolutely love the way ceiling decals transform the entire ambience and were more than happy to install this elite decal by travelling all the way to Pune.

Actual Installation Pic: Around the Lamp Ceiling wall decal, Installed at Koregaon Park, Pune (Size 3.5’ * 3.5’)

Around the Lamp Ceilng Wall decal by Kakshyaachitra
Around the Lamp Ceiling wall decal

The entire house was completely flooded with daylight and thus the picture quality is not at its best.
It is a 3.5’ diameter ceiling decal in yellow green color. Dipali wanted us to make the buds in pink. As has been our experience with other ceiling decal installations, the elegant and delicate decal imparted a royal and magnificent look to the wall.

Around the Lamp Ceiling wall decal by Kakshyaachitra at Pune
Around the Lamp Ceiling wall decal

Actual Installation Pic: Artistic flowers wall decal, Installed at Koregaon Park, Pune
Smaller flower: 1’ diameter, bigger flower: 1.5’ diameter; Height: 6-8’

Artistic flower wall decal at Koregaon Park, Pune
Artistic flower

The tall and beautiful flowers were installed in one of the bedrooms.  We chose white color for flowers on the very-faint orange to decrease the contrast since we did not want the flowers to be very bright. As you can see in the photograph, the flowers have almost merged with the color of the wall giving it a more elegant and classy feel.

Actual Installation Pic: Artistic flowers wall decal, Installed at Koregaon Park, Pune
Smaller flower: 1’ diameter, bigger flower: 1.5’ diameter; Height: 6-8’

Beautiful artistic flower wall decal at Pune by Kakshyaachitra
Artistic flowers

Actual Installation Pic: Cats and Signboard decal, Installed at Koregaon Park, Pune

Cats wall decal for bedroom by Kakshyaachitra
Cats and Signboard wall decal for bedroom

Then for another bedroom Dipali had come up with this small little composition consisting of 2 cats and a sign board. It is an apt and cute little design for a girls’ bedroom as you can make out from the picture.

With these 3 wonderful decals, this property in Koregaon Park is indeed going to be the eye candy for indoor decor enthusiasts.

What are wall decals?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How to apply/install a wall mural

Before we begin, interested readers and home-owners are requested to do some homework on the difference between wall decals and wall murals.

Note that this video describes how to install a wall mural and not how to install a wall decal.

Kakshyaachitra are and will prominently remain makers of wall decals, that is our flagship product. We are offering wall murals to those home owners who have a ready idea for a wall mural and just need our assistance in manufacturing the same.

Note that the wall mural installed in this video is for sample purpose. The actual print and material quality of your mural will be outstanding. Check out our recent wall mural installations to get an idea.

Video: How to install a wall mural. (High resolution video for faster internet connections)

Video: How to install a wall mural. (Low resolution video for slower internet connections)

Installation instructions for a wall mural:
  • Remove the backing paper from one edge of your mural.
  • Properly position along the surface. It is not very delicate, you can re-position and apply only in the desired position.
  • Start from the edge and use a piece of cloth or squeege to nicely apply the mural against the wall or surface.
  • Try to avoid any air bubbles, it might not be always possible to have zero air bubbles.
  • You can also remove and re-apply if there are a lot of air bubbles.
  • You can make tiny holes using a pin or a sharp cutter. The air bubbles will get removed.

How to apply/install a wall decal

Kakshyaachitra Wall Murals: An addition to our offerings

Before we begin, interested readers and home-owners are requested to do some homework on the difference between wall decals and wall murals.

Kakshyaachitra are and will prominently remain makers of wall decals, that is our flagship product. We are offering wall murals to those home owners who have a ready idea for a wall mural and just need our assistance in manufacturing the same.

Having set the record straight, we present you some wonderful wall mural designs we made in the recent past:

Actual installation pic: Mermaid wall mural, Vile Parle, Mumbai (Size: 10'*15')

Full size wall designs for kids room
Mermaid wall mural

This is a wall mural over the entire wall as you can see, printed on the best quality material using the best ink available in India. It has a wonderful protective lamination over it and our skilled team has done a wonderful job of installing it with least air bubbles.

Actual installation pic: A forest mural (Size 3'*3')
Devotional wall stickers, wall murals, Kakshyaachitra

In the below pics you can see the wonderful background wall mural made as a background for this abode of Radha-Govind.

Rajasthani Motif designs (Size: 5'*3')

Lata had some old paintings with her. She wanted wall murals of the same design. We were very happy to recreate the artwork for her and make 2 wonderful Rajasthani motif designs.

Indian wall decor
Rajasthani motif wall mural

Indian wall murals

If you got a brilliant big wall in a wonderful home and wish to glorify it with an outstanding design, we would be more than happy to create another indoor decor wonder !!!

Video: How to install/apply a wall mural

Monday, 9 September 2013

Why you might be missing out on one of the best indoor decor options

No, this is not an outright marketing campaign post.

This post is for those home makers who often inquire with us for wall decals and then give up on the idea.

We wholeheartedly want to tell you that if you have come across this outstanding mode of wall decor and thought of installing it, do not hesitate. Do not miss out on this wonderful decor option for lack of decision making or lack of seriousness.

We are saying so because believe us; whichever clients chose to install our wall decals are extremely happy about their decision today. They might have dropped us an inquiry only by chance, most of the inquiries did not seriously move ahead for lack of buyer interest and some of the clients did actually get the decals installed.

We want to tell you, each of the clients who got the decals installed were certainly pleased with the fascinating results on their wall.

Ceiling Wall decal
Installation at Hiranandani Meadows, Thane

Mr. Alok is an enthusiastic home maker. A friend of his had recommended us to him and he decided to install as much as 3 decals at his place. This amazing ceiling wall decal was one of those.

Initially Alok also, like you, could see only our catlog designs and some actual installation pictures of our previous work. He liked what he saw and he did take the decision to install decals wherever it seemed appropriate. He was more than overjoyed to see a plain ceiling getting transformed into something so wonderful and exquisite.

Some of our clients who are not so serious about wanting to buy a decal or just do not commit to the idea miss out on fantastic decor like the ceiling decal seen above.

Musical butterfly
Installed at Velachery, Chennai

Mr. Paul was so impressed by the decal alternative, that he bought a complete decor package for his living room, 2 bedrooms and also a ceiling decal. Today, his home is one of the major attractions for interior decorators and home owners in his neighborhood.

We have described the wonderful experience of creating this landmark in Chennai in 2 different articles.

We are writing this article because we do not want you to miss out creating a landmark in your city after having seen such wonderful results of application of a wall decal.

Ganesha wall decal
Shipped to United Kingdom

Kejal liked the Ganesha wall decal; she chose an appropriate color against the blue color of the wall. We handed over the decal to her relative in Mumbai and you can see the results.

We especially are sharing this example for our clients who are as near as in Pune or Mumbai and missing out on this opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home to new levels.

If you ever thought of buying a wall decal and then gave up just because of lack of interest or any other constraints, please do not do so. You will do missing on something wonderful.

How to get that perfect decal made for your kids' room

We get numerous inquiries for kids' decals/decor. Our experience is that this is mainly because new home owners are always interested in doing some creative decor for their kids' room and wall decals are very attractive. So, home owners see all these wonderful images of wall decals for children on the internet and drop us a line stating 'looking for wall decor for kids' room.'

Interestingly not many of these parents actually buy decor for their kids' room. We are writing this article especially to let the home owners know how you can get the perfect decal for your kids' room.

We shall be sharing 3 of our our kids' decor installations as case studies to help you make a decision about buying a kids' decal.

Please note that all the case studies mentioned in this article are wall murals and not wall decals.

Mermaid wall mural
Installed at Vile Parle, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom, customised  wall decor
Mermaid wall mural

This is a Digital Print on vinyl of the design seen in picture. The size of the design is 10 feet * 12 feet. This is one of our best works. The client had engaged an interior designer who in turn had engaged a graphic artist to create this design. To be able to print such a large design, the image also has to be of printable size and resolution.

Getting a complete wall digital print has to be one of the best modes of interior decor. The expenses involved are on the higher side if to be installed on entire wall and you should also have a clear idea of what you want to get printed.

Moon wall mural
Installed at Charkop, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom, customised wall decor
Moon wall mural

This is one assignment where we interacted numerous times over phone/mail with the client. This was because the client, Ajay, was exactly sure what he wanted and it was a pleasure to be able to do it for him. Ajay had pre-thought the composition and thus, though this customization involved merging of many different images, we were able to do it. His daughter was more than happy and her room is now an attraction for all the neighboring kids.

Yes, if you buy from us, it might be a touch expensive, but we give you due time and efforts to make sure that the final result is as you wanted.

Animals wall decals
Installed at Khar Ghar, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom
Animal wall murals

This is again a customized kids decor. As evident from the photograph, the client, Bhavna, wanted to have some cheerful animal decals for her child's room. We made the different animal decals and the result is for you to see.

This decal is a very simple design, yet you can see that the results are so impressive. As a home owner we often tend to over-think and over-expect, after all it is our dream home.

But after all, do not forget that it is kids' decor :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Warli decals: An outstanding mode of outdoor decor by Kakshyaachitra

Orchard resort by Samruddhi Group is an attractive holiday restaurant located on Pune-Satara highway, roughly 30 kms from Pune. This year, the management has made immense additions to the infrastructure and facilities of this property.

The place lives up to it's name and is home to a variety of trees. There is a big compound wall that runs along the boundary of the premises. This compound wall is an important structure with respect to decor of the property since it is prominently visible from the entrance, reception, restaurant and other areas.

We, Kakshyaachitra, were awarded this assignment by the management to beautify the compound wall with wall decals.

The idea was to beautify the entire compound wall so that it would attract attention and also transform a plain compound wall into something more. Who knew that we would end up creating an outdoor decor landmark by re-inventing the traditional Indian art of Warli paintings in the form of decals.

Warli decals at Orchard resort, Samruddhi Group
Warli decal from Kakshyaachitra (Click for best view)

Again, as always, it helps when you know what you want. Mr. Mahesh from Samruddhi Group clearly knew what he wanted. On the very first phone call itself, the clear requirement was to make decals from Warli designs. We had to ponder a little over what could be used as a background surface. We used ACP sheets of brilliant burgundy color so that the white Warli decal would contrast over it. The results are for you to see.

Peacock wall decal for outdoor decor
Peacock Warli design (Click for best view)

It was an innovative and enjoyable task for us to create so many varied Warli designs to decorate a vast space. Our dedicated and talented designer Tejal worked out some astonishing themes according to the science of Warli art. Wonderfully, she created each design revolving around a certain theme.

A Warli decal by Kakshyaachitra
Warli Art: Farming (Click for best view)

Adivasis celebrating the festival of Holi
Warli Art: Holi (Click for best view)
A marriage ceremony among the Adivasis
Warli Art: Marriage (Click for best view)

Due to this novel and fantabulous creations, Orchard resort is rapidly attracting visitors. Some students and art enthusiasts specially come here only to view these amazing Warli compositions. Every guest at the hotel does take a long and watchful walk along the wall gazing at the beauty of each decal.

Traditional Tarpa dance of the Warli Adivasis
Warli Art: Tarpa dance (Click for best view)
After introducing an outstanding range of Ethnic Indian wall decals, we are more than happy to present this inspired art form to you. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part Two

Creating Wonders: Part 1

The most important reason why this designer house could be created in Chennai is the concrete determination of the buyer, Paul. Paul had not seen a single decal before, but the beauty of decals appealed him from the pictures on our website and he made a decision to make decals for all the major walls of his house.

As he says now, he never expected the end result to be this brilliant.
We had finalized the designs, as we wrote in this article, also explaining about all the thought and perspective that went behind finalizing the designs for the decals. One fine day, one of our representatives set off for Chennai with 6 brilliant decals in his kitty.

All the decals were installed within 1 day. We started with the border design first. It was a long decal, 20 feet, and we cut into 4 parts for ease of installation. As soon as we installed the first white piece of the border on the purple (Asian Paints Royale: Happy Hyacinth), we were convinced that we had made a right choice of color for the decal. The end result is for you to see below.

Border design wall decal

Butterfly wall decal installed in Chennai

The next design we installed was the amazing ‘Butterflies with Heart’ decal. The butterflies are always outstanding as decals and yet again, this heart butterfly proved why butterflies are a favourite among interior decor enthusiasts.

Indoor wall sticker artisic design

It was a large size design with the butterfly design measuring about 7 feet * 3 feet. Paul, the client, had taken precise measurements beforehand. The border had to be applied 3 feet above the ground and the butterfly was to be installed approximately 3 feet from the top of the wall. These specifications worked out to be accurate and we could turn Paul’s wall into a picturesque customised wall.

Butterfly wall sticker design

The border plus butterfly design blended very well and looked like a homogenous composition.

Living room wall design

So, after we finished the main wall in the living room, we installed a beautiful ‘Musical butterfly’ decal in the wall opposite to this wall. Again, to a decal maker’s delight, Paul knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted the Musical butterfly decal in about the same color as of the main wall in the living room so that it would create a handsome contrast. We did not have purple color in stock then but we went ahead and made a special customisation for this decal. After installing this appealing Musical Butterfly, all the effort that we took seemed worth it.

Kakshyaachitra wall decal

This is also a large size design measuring approximately 6 feet * 1.75 feet. This delicate design transformed a simple plain white colour wall for ever.

Musical butterfly for living room

Bedroom wall decals

We installed 3 more astonishing designs at Paul’s place. Paul now calls them Signature Walls. 2 of those designs were for bedrooms and the third one, probably the most attractive of all the installations in Chennai, was for the ceiling in the living room. Watch this space to have a glimpse of those 3 amazingly artistic designs. We shall soon post Creating Wonders – Part 2.

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part One
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