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India’s First Theme Based Home Interior Decor with Wall Decals

Creating a personalized home décor that is different from the run of the mill approach is nothing less than a work of art. There is no set formula for achieving an exquisite interior décor but it surely needs creativity, forethought and enthusiasm to seek something that’s interesting, inspiring, engaging and catches immediate attention of the onlooker.

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial space, a distinguished décor idea can make it stand out from the rest of its genre. Most often, the owner of a house decides what he or she would like to feature inside the living space. However, in modern times occasions arise when the idea is passed on to a specialist in the décor field to decide the materials, arrangement and the complimenting colour scheme that would portray the desired idea the best.

Themed décor, where the central idea of décor revolves around a particular topic or idea is quite popular abroad. In India, the trend is catching up fast. Mostly the themes spin around popular choices like aquatic, floral, environmental, traditional, cultural or particular colour based ideas. We at Kakshyaachitra got an excellent chance to try out something different this time. Thanks to our clients superb off-beat idea!

Let’s start at the very beginning so that you can get the entire essence of the project. The residential property for which our client Mass Interiors approached us with the requirement specially designed wall decals is located in a posh locality of Khar ghar. It’s a three bedroom apartment in Palm Beach Residency and Mr Ashraf Khan from the interior décor agency wanted to adorn the home with a ‘God Father’ theme. You must be as surprised as we were when Mr. Ashraf approached us for the first time. The owner who is extremely fond of ‘God Father’ had a particular requirement which needed to be catered to with customized wall decals of particular sizes and designs.

‘God Father’ is nothing new to the world and the crime based movie featuring Al Pacino has won hearts since 1972, when it was filmed. However, it has also not been a regular theme for wall decal choices and needed a little bit research before the apt pieces could be produced to go with the apartment interior. Our designers were at work immediately pulling up quotes and silhouettes that would set well with the background selected by our client. The base colours where the wall decals were supposed to go up were mainly shades of mahogany and white. 

Finally a range of quotes and suitable images were presented to the client who was very supportive and clear in his mind about what he wanted. He picked six quotes and some silhouette wall decals for the purpose. With his approval, KC Wall Decal created a marvelous blend of art work on imported thin vinyl that looks like a painting after it is applied properly. The installations were done by our team on the bed room closet doors, walls of window extension, overhead wall panel and more.

There were 2 wall decals with a quote and a silhouette each from the movie:

I am gonna make him an offer he cant refuse
This is a 20" X 30" wall decal above the TV Unit in the living room.

Godfather wall decal living room
I am gonna make him an offer he cant refuse

Quotes wall decal
I am gonna make him an offer he cant refuse
A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. - The Don.
This is a composition including a quote, silhouette and the God Father logo on an empty area behind the door.
Wall decals Mumbai
A man who cannot spend time with his family can never be a real man.
Not only that, our patron’s unique choice also required a special ‘ The Beatles’ wall decal for one of the stretches in the living area. The special design was created by the team after much research, with a line and shadow effect that’s simply mind blowing.

The end result was something extremely bold, plush, eye catching and exclusive just as you can see in the photographs.

Beatles wall mural.
Size: 16' X 10'.
Beatles Wall Mural by Kakshyaachitra in Mumbai
Beatles Wall Mural by Kakshyaachitra in Mumbai

The Beatles wall mural
The Beatles wall mural
We Do Family Quote wall decal

We Do Family Quote wall decal
We Do Family Quote wall decal

The project also included a unique composition for the wardrobe using 3 quotes from the movie and a silhouette.

Wardrobe wall decor using Quotes wall decals
Wardrobe wall decor using wall decal quotes
Wardrobe wall decor using wall decal quotes

Wardrobe wall decor using quotes
Wardrobe wall decor using quotes
The project oozes creative essence with a core stylishness that’s simply impossible to ignore.
If you have a passion for décor and dream of a home or office interior that will reflect your vision and can be achieved within realistic means, then you can also lay out your plan and team up with us to develop it. We have done it for many and will also go out of our way to fulfill your décor needs because creating wall decals is not only our trade but our passion too!

Kakshyaachitra wall decals theme based decor in Mumbai
Kakshyaachitra wall decals theme based decor in Mumbai

Bedroom Wall decal with quotes
Bedroom Wall decal with quotes
Often people subdue their desire to try out something innovative with the interior décor mainly repulsed by the thought of levels of difficulty and cost. However, there is no harm in giving it a try and you never know your home might just become ‘The Landmark’ residency in the neighborhood.

Finding the perfect wall decal design for Lakshmi's home @Goregaon, Mumbai
Astounding indoor decor at Koregaon Park, Pune

Saturday, 30 May 2015

KC Wall Decal: a Hassle Free and Easy Décor Alternative

Gone are those days when the phrase ‘Wall Décor’ immediately invited an idea of expensive wall papers, pricey and exclusive paintings or cumbersome designs with quick setting plaster of paris. Wall decals offer a new dimension and innumerable possibilities to turn boring and drab walls into inviting and exquisite stretches.

No matter it is your home, work place or any commercial space, wall decals come in thousands of designs offering the right kind of look that suits each area. Wall decals are décor accessories that are inexpensive compared to wall papers. These wonderful wall stickers are also easy to apply and save the expenses incurred in seeking professional help.
That’s not all; most wall decals are suited for installing on any smooth surface like tiles, glass, tiles, wooden panels and plastic like refrigerator doors. The best part is, all good quality wall decals peel off without causing any damage to the surface. So you get an opportunity to change the décor style easily, as often as you please!

Circle of Life Wall decal

KC Wall Decals has been designing and delivering hundreds of patterns for more than three years. Our entire product range is made from high quality imported vinyl which is thin and gives an effect of a painted art once installed properly.
 We bring you our new portal which is a door way to hassle free shopping for exquisite wall graphics. Browsing through the different categories, you can discover variety of designs that will allow you to create stunning themed décor or create a soothing and gorgeous indoor environment at home, office, café, show room or anywhere else.

Shopping online for wall decals is convenient with us, as the designs are categorized under proper headings and come in various sizes and attractive colours. You can choose from a wide array of nature inspired designs, ethnic designs, modern graphics, quotes, abstract floral patterns, sports and kids range just to name a few. Take your pick and choose the colour that best compliments your walls and the existing décor arrangement.

The convenient and secure mode of payment makes the online shopping experience a pleasant one. We have well defined shippingpolicies and in case you want to know more, we are always open to answer your queries and lend an ear to your suggestions.

Our thoughtful team of designers creates apt wall decal designs for all rooms including the bed space, living area, kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, office cabins, reception areas and more. With a little creative approach wall stickers offer a great scope of enhancing and brightening up any corner of your home or work area. So, why not try out something new and create wonderful indoor environ that will tune in a good mood and load of beauty. Buy wall decals online with us and grace the walls with a hint of daintiness and exclusivity.
All our wall decals are accompanied by a sample wall decal and an user’s manual that provides step by step guidance to help you in neatly applying the wall art to any smooth surface.


Some Good Reasons for Choosing Wall Decals for Adorning Homes or Offices:

·      Inexpensive as compared to wall paper
·      Easy to install
·      Easy to peel off without damaging the wall
·      Leaves no mark behind when peeled off
·      No professional help required for installation
·      Offers greater flexibility of changing the décor style often
·      Available in thousands of variations with different themes, colours and sizes
·      Convenient to handle and gorgeous in looks

Allow your home to reflect your personality and flaunt an individualistic look which will be appreciable and enjoyable. Astounding interior décor are no more just distant dreams with these easy to use wall graphics. Explore, choose and create something gorgeous and innovative right from the entrance door to the bed room and make heads turn this season!

Look out for more designs every time your home needs a makeover and a new look because we update our collection at regular intervals bringing you the latest trends in wall decals.
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