Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Portrait wall decal for bedroom

Dr Navin is an enthusiastic home owner. He has put in a lot of efforts and thoughts in the interior of his home. His home in Dahanu is an example of effective interior decor.

He was interested in applying wall decals at his home. What started as a search for a wall decal for his living room ended up with Navin finalizing 4 wall decal designs for his living room, 2 bedrooms and his clinic.

Well, this article is about this wonderful Navin-Suranga portrait wall decal that now adores their bedroom.

Navin’s bedroom wall provided ample space for innovative thinking as it was a big beautiful untouched sky coloured wall. While I suggested him many designs from our catalogue, it was Navin who came up with this brilliant thought:

" How about a photo of me and my wife on the wall?"

Initially, I was not sure whether/if this can be achieved. But with the help of some high resolution images that Navin provided and the effort and imagination that our design team put in we were able to achieve the results that you see in these images. Kakshyaachitra prides itself in setting this new trend in wall decor with this portrait wall decal. Similar brilliant decals can be developed portraying your family photograph, a photograph of your kid or any other beautiful moment you might have shared with your loved one.

Just share the photograph with us and be rest assured of the results. We can also add a beautiful quote like this one that we added in Navin-Suranga’s portrait decal:

“A long marriage is like two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.”

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