Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gerbera on Grass decal and Jackfruit Tree decal for Devika’s home in Thane

Avnish is the cutest of kids in the world. (As all of them are :)). He had scribbled on a wall and Devika’s search for decals started with an aim to make something better out of the scribbled wall.

It had to be a horizontal decal at the bottom of the wall. We proposed Devika to run a strip of a Grass wall decal. That seemed to be the best option for this wall and we decided to make a 7feet X 1 feet grass strip along the entire length of the wall. But that would’ve seemed monotonous and might have given a not-so-happening feel to the wall.

So we decided to add some flowers and butterflies along the length of the grass. This completed the design. The search for what flowers to be added was extensive and Devika herself came up with these beautiful Gerbera flowers. These delicate Gerbera flowers standing up from the grass at distant places have given a stunning and attractive look to the wall.

The alternately arranged yellow and pink Gerberas stand beautifully over the grass.

After making decals like this, it is always amazing how a simple grass decal strip with appropriately placed flowers can completely transform an entire wall.

Then Devika wanted to make another decal for the living room wall. She knew that she wanted a tree/branch decal. She opted for this branch-with-fruits decal. We love the small jackfruits hanging from them and the tiny orange leaves.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wish you Happy Diwali

May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days with the bright sparkles of peace, Wishing you Happy Diwali from the whole team of  KakshyaaChitra.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part One

Discussions and Possibilities

Our client in this case study, Paul, came across our website after having thoroughly browsed for different modes of wall decor.

He liked the designs on our website and inquired to us about the quotes of many of them. We get numerous inquiries everyday and not all of them materialize. We just took it as just another inquiry. Who knew that after 3 months of discussions, chats, mails and reviews and comments Paul’s house was going to become a landmark in Chennai.

What impressed Paul first of all was this Butterfly wall art decal on our website.
He started thinking of getting it done in white color for his 20 ft * 10 ft living room wall. The wall color was ‘Happy Hyacinth’ according to Asian Paints Royale catlog. It is a nice bright shade of violet.

Living Room Wall: Original Photograph

He also wanted to create a border 3 ft above the ground and chose an apt border design.

Border Design

Another design that attracted Paul very much was this Musical Butterfly on our website. He planned to install it on the opposite wall in the living room. The wall color was blue and we, after a lot of opinions and deliberations, decided to make it in violet. Who knew how stupendous the results were going to be.

Then Paul also chose 2 designs for the 2 bedrooms. One was the Modern face wall decal and the other was Birds on vines design. Both the designs were to be in white since the walls were bright blue and green. Paul had chosen 3 beautiful shades for 3 major walls of his house.

Birds on Vines Wall Decal

Modern Face Wall decal

Bedroom Wall One: Original Photograph

Bedroom Wall Two: Original Photograph

The masterpiece: We had not installed a single ceiling design before. Nobody in India had ever installed a ceiling design before. Paul was also not very keen on the ceiling design. However, he did eventually order for this Artistic Ceiling design.  It had to be in the same violet color as the musical butterfly.

We offered to send our staff to Chennai to install these wonderful designs for Paul. More rounds of mails and chats and discussions followed and when Paul was convinced that the choices he had made will give the desired appeal to his home, he confirmed the order.

Then started the skilful process of actually creating these decals for Paul which were to create a landmark in Vellachery, Chennai.

Check out how actually these designs materialized in Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part Two: Creating Wonders

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ashoka-Vatika wall decal: A stylish ethnic Indian design

We never believed that we could make something so beautiful out of a design we saw on a Kanjivaram saree. But one keen eye in our team saw the design and thought ... ‘How about this for a wall decal?’

The design was in a very different shape when it was on the saree. Then we moulded it in a design that can make a decal and we thought that something amazing was indeed being created. This design was never a part of our staple catlog designs. It was always personally put forth to a very interested customer.

This design makes a delightful landscape with an immensely attractive peacock alongside an elegant Sita devi. The tall and beautiful Ashoka trees give a perfect stature to the scene and the side branches fall in aesthetically.

When we first presented this design to Mr. Rahul Kali of Rashmi Developers he immediately wanted to have this decal on his wall and there were no second thoughts at all. Now one of our staff had to go to his home and suggest a suitable site and location for the decal.
Knowing Mr. Kali, we always knew that we were never in a position to suggest him anything. He himself has built hundreds of homes and decorated as many. It was just going to his home and taking the final measurements from him. Who had thought that he would ask for a full sized 6 feet * 4 feet design for his magnificent and mammoth 650 sq. Feet living room!!

We always knew when he told us the required size that the end results are going to be amazing!!! Let us know what you feel when you see the images.
A simple man that Mr. Rahul is, his only comment was “Numero Uno”.

After the trend-setting portrait wall decor, Kakshyaachitra is happy to introduce to you the first genuine Ethnic Indian wall decal !!!

Buy this wall decal at Kakshyaachitra online shop:
Ashok Vatika wall decal

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The coolest designs for laptop decals are here !!!

Kakshyaachitra Arts brings to you these fantastic laptop designs that will revamp your laptop !!!

No need to competely replace the skin, just get a cool new laptop decal from us and your laptop will be as good as new.

The designs are available in various colors, sizes and themes.

This amazing Sun Laptop decal is bright, vibrant and will suit almost any models and colors. Preferably, it is to applied at the centre of the laptop, but it would also look good at the corners, your choice !!!

If you are looking for a strong and fiery presence on the laptop skin, this Eagle on the prowl will be a very good choice.
This Graphic Art design is for those who are looking for a subtle, classy and delicate design for their laptops. The elegant swirls make it all the more beautiful.

Who wouldn't love these cute little Birds on a tree branch? Get this full-size design only for 180 Rs. Smaller sizes also available.

Yes, we say the same about most of our design, but indeed, this Bruce Lee laptop decal is amazing and fantastic !!!

Again, a delicate and beautiful design for your laptop with tender swirls and fragile leaves. This will absolutely
adore your laptop. Available in many more colors. Get in touch with us for size and color options.

You can try any of these color combinations. The black-orange, black-green, white-pink ones look absolutely stunning on any laptop. Much like the above Vines Laptop Decal.

If you are looking for a cute and trendy design for your laptop, then this Nature laptop design might be it.

Drop us a mail at for the entire catlog of laptop decals and many more outstanding designs.

P.S: Mention your cell number and suitable time to contact if possible.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Portrait wall decal for bedroom

Dr Navin is an enthusiastic home owner. He has put in a lot of efforts and thoughts in the interior of his home. His home in Dahanu is an example of effective interior decor.

He was interested in applying wall decals at his home. What started as a search for a wall decal for his living room ended up with Navin finalizing 4 wall decal designs for his living room, 2 bedrooms and his clinic.

Well, this article is about this wonderful Navin-Suranga portrait wall decal that now adores their bedroom.

Navin’s bedroom wall provided ample space for innovative thinking as it was a big beautiful untouched sky coloured wall. While I suggested him many designs from our catalogue, it was Navin who came up with this brilliant thought:

" How about a photo of me and my wife on the wall?"

Initially, I was not sure whether/if this can be achieved. But with the help of some high resolution images that Navin provided and the effort and imagination that our design team put in we were able to achieve the results that you see in these images. Kakshyaachitra prides itself in setting this new trend in wall decor with this portrait wall decal. Similar brilliant decals can be developed portraying your family photograph, a photograph of your kid or any other beautiful moment you might have shared with your loved one.

Just share the photograph with us and be rest assured of the results. We can also add a beautiful quote like this one that we added in Navin-Suranga’s portrait decal:

“A long marriage is like two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.”

Thursday, 7 June 2012

It is not a wall sticker. It is not a wall tattoo. It is a wall decal.

Buddha wall decal

Wall decals as a product are not well known in India. A lot of house-owners invite us to showcase the designs. This is mainly because they like what they see on our website. It is not because they know what a wall decal is.

We face a big challenge explaining our potential clients about the product. The biggest hurdle is the preconceived notion of wall decor. People either think this to be a wall paper-like or a wall sticker-like something. 

This creates issues in the person understanding what he is buying. Many times people miss out on this wonderful product because they set the same expectations of price and designs that they set on a wall paper or a wall sticker. Thus most of the times we offer some sample installation to the client before he actually starts to browse our catalogue of designs.
The design patterns that are available in a wall decal are aligned with the nature of the material used. You do not get fancy multi-colour waterfalls and forests with a wall decal. We want our consumers to appreciate that this is a completely different mode of decor than a sticker and it has design patterns of its own. If you properly choose the design, size and colour of the decal according to the needs of your wall, we guarantee that with the world’s best material we have, the end result would be better than any other normal wall sticker.

With a wall paper you are just covering up your entire wall to give it a new fake appearance. With a decal, you enhance the beauty of your original wall. Wall papers mostly offer printed and repetitive designs which are very rarely preferred by house-owners these days. We believe that Kakshyaachitra wall decals give you more artistic liberty to choose a customised decal just for your own home. 

Try out a Kakshyaachitra decal to experience this for yourself!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

7 Practical Tips to choose a wall decal design

Are you going to decorate your wall with wall decals? Have you come to know about this fantastic method of interior decoration? If yes, getting the right wall decal is the next important thing.

Let us help you in choosing the proper wall decal for your home. If needed, our designers will also make a completely new customised design for you.

1. What is my aim to apply the wall decal?

The design of your decal would depend on why you want to apply a decal. You might want to apply a decal on a central part of your house where there would be regularly people around or you might want to apply the decal on some distinct part of the house which has selective company.

In the first case, the decal should not be very flashy but a decent one which need not always catch the eye. In the second case you can explore more with the design and transform a remote place in your house into a happening one.

Ceiling Wall Decal2. Where am my going to apply the wall decal?

You could apply the decal on a wall, on the ceiling, on a smooth wooden surface, on a mirror or any glass surface. The choice of the decals design would again depend on where you want to apply the decal.

3. Have I fixed the exact location of the wall decal?

If you have fixed the part of the house and the surface to apply, yet you have to fix the exact location of the decal. It could be the entire wall or a corner of the mirror or a side of the wall. Make sure you choose the decal according to the location.

4. Do I have a suitable design in my mind for the wall decal?

You might have witnessed a decal at a friend's house or surfed through hundreds of decals on the internet. Make sure what you want to order according to the needs of your house.

5. How do I decide the size of the wall decal?

It need not be large to be effective. Imagine various designs on your wall and the effect they would produce. If your aim is to transform the entire wall, a large decal would server your purpose.

Modern wall decal6. How do I decide the color of the wall decal?

Obviously, it would depend on the effect you want to produce and the color of your wall. If you are buying a colorful wall decal, try to imagine the different color schemes that a decal can be produced in. Choosing the right color is the most important factor in getting an effective wall decal.

It is not necessary that the wall and decal colors must always contrast. Check out all the available options.

7. How do I adjust the ambiance around the wall decal?

The wall decal is most effective when at least some light directly falls on it. Make sure you do not crowd the wall around the decal with other items. Also the furniture around the decal can be placed in a proper manner to give you the most aesthetic effect.

Happy Decorating !!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wall Decals: The happening new trend in interior-wall decoration

Now, a simple vinyl sheet can be converted into such outstanding designs so as to completely transform a plain and simple wall into an aesthetic and appealing one.

The result, the wall decals, are easy to apply, removable designer graphics made of this special vinyl with a matte finish and impart a glossy feel to the wall. The wall decals look more beautiful on the walls than in the images. See it to believe it !!!

Because of the mind-boggling designs it can produce, a wall decal is being increasingly used for home and office décor. Also, it is aptly suitable for commercial decorations like restaurant and boutique decorations.

In your home, it can be used to decorate almost any wall of your house, let it be the kitchen, the study room, the bedroom or any other quite corner of the home. Wall decals can also be effectively applied on ceilings, mirrors, glass surfaces, laptops and other smooth surfaces.

They can be made in required size and colors and are considered to be a modern and stylish form of decoration. Most decal manufacturers also provide the option of making customized design and quotes.

Check out for more amazing designs in the decal gallery of Kakshyaachitra Arts.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Exciting Modern Wall Art Decals from Kakshyaachitra

This range of Kakshyaachitra decals is for our fashion loving customers; those who are always in search of something modern, trendy and stylish for their homes. These modern art wall decals are fashionable wall art graphics which give a chic and mod look to your wall.

These decals are preferred by a considerable number of wall decal buyers, because of the trendiness and classic appeal that they bring to the wall.

Butterfly wall decal

These decals are a unique combination of traditional designs with graphic art. The results are most of the times astonishing like this Musical Butterfly wall decal.

Modern Wall Decal

With some more creativity, our designers came up with this stupendous Woman and the Hair modern art wall decal.

These decals need not me multi-colored or bound by any specific color requirement because of the graphical nature of the design. If you have colorful walls and preferably dark shaded walls, a modern wall decal might just perfectly add to the glamour and the prestige of your wall.

Also we could customize a decal design for you if you have any mix-n-match of tradition with art that you want us to convert into a wall decal for you.

Do check out our decals showcase for more contemporary and stylish wall decals.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What are the most important features of wall decals?


Why are wall decals such a happening wall decor alternative?

We bring for you 10 top reasons why a Kakshyaachitra wall decal is preferred by our customers over a wallpaper, wall texture, wall sticker or a wall tattoo:

1. It easily transforms a plain and boring wall into a happening and
attractive entity.

2. Kakshyaachitra wall deacals are available in an extensive range of designs.
The wall art that our designers produce is breath-taking and fantabulous.

3. Kakshyaachitra wall decals are made from special material manufactured only for interior decoration purposes. We deal only in wall decor decals and not in exterior application decals.

4. Kakshyaachitra decals can be manufactured in the required colors and sizes.

5. A wall decal is a modern and stylish way of wall decoration. It gives an exclusive and appealing feel to your wall.


6. A Wall decal is a very good option to transform your kids' room into a playful and lively place. Similarly it can be used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen to create desired results on the wall.

7. Kakshyaachitra offers brilliant alternatives of making Quote Wall Decals. We will submit you upto 3-5 samples of the design of the quote you requested.

8. We help you with the decal installation process. The wall decals can also be easily peeled off when required. It leaves no residue / stain on the wall.

9. At Kakshyaachitra, we also offer you profit-share in the design that you recommended to us. If the design suggested by you is bought by other customers as well, we pay you for that.

10.If you like to decorate and redecorate your wall often, a wall decal is the best choice for you. Also, if you are not a seasoned decorator, a wall decal would be the best choice for you since an ingenious design can so easily transform a complete wall.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


We, KakshyaaChitra, are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl wall decals made especially for interior decoration purposes.

We make wall decals which immediately transform a plain and ordinary wall into something exquisite, adorable and lively.

Graphic-Art-Wall-Decals Our modern wall decals are the most happening alternative to wall stickers, wall murals or the traditional wall paper. Decals are indeed taking over as the modern way of wall décor and Kakshyaachitra provides the best graphic for your wall with our excellent wall art designs.
So, if you want to have artistic walls and are looking for some stylish wall art, do try out a Kakshyaachitra wall decal.

You might want to have birds on the wall or a decal for your kids’ wall or a floral wall or an animal wall, we are trying our best to add more and more designs everyday to our catalog to satisfy your design needs.

Check out our website for a wide varitey of designs for your wall.

We also provide you the option of making your own wall decals and you can very well design your own decals. A Kakshyaachitra custom wall decal allows you to make your own decal. Just give your design to us and we’ll transform it into a beautiful wall decal for you.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Chitra


Chitra [Sanskrit] is a picture. Chitra stands for all the art and design in our lives. Chitra is the art of our lives. Our relation with art and design is so profound and has established so much over time that it is just a default part of our lives today.

It might be your first bicycle or your first toothbrush, it might be the first book you read or a greeting card you made, the first house you bought or the first chair you purchased … aren’t the shape, size and color the most vital attributes of it? Isn’t it very natural for us to expect things to be to a minimal artistic level and we always wish them to reach the optimum levels?

Well, this overwhelming expectation for design is what makes us search for the best design solutions for our very own home. Right from the color of the tiles to the lamp on the wall, from the size of the furniture to the color of the wallpaper, everything is so important to us. Simply because it is our very own home and we want to make it the best place in the universe to take shelter and share the love and joy of life with our near ones.

At KakshyaaChitra, we know the importance of design for your home. We come up with designs that can add exactly the right amounts of elegance, style, exuberance and warmth to your wall. We try to give you perfect artistic walls.

The Kakshyaa


Kakshyaa [Sanskrit] is the Wall of your house. It is that most significant part of your house which differentiates the rest of the world from Your Home.
Isn’t this one of our very fundamental needs? To know which is My own space in this infinity? That is what the Walls do for us. They first of all define the boundaries of our own world for us and then protect our own world from the challenges of the outside world.

Can you count how many times you leaned against the Wall while you shared an intimate chat with a dear one in your family? And how many times did you rest yourself against the Wall while you thought over something? Oh … and in the childhood? Wasn’t the Wall the most vital part of discovering your creative abilities?

We could go on and on about the significance of the Wall in our lives.

Well, the Walls so silently witness our lives as they happen between them. Wonder if the Wall ever had a life of its own? Or isn’t its life just about our lives? Do you think that two adjacent Walls gossip with each other or the opposite ones crib against each other? Whatever, the Walls never get more prominence than our lives.

They are just there to add meaning to our existence. How noble is it for something to exist only to make someone else’s existence stand out?

We love your Walls. We know their importance. At, KashyaaChitra, we persevere to bring a smile to each and every Wall in this world.
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