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Wall Mural installation: Making a Dream Nursery Come to Life with Adorable Wall Decal Design

Home coming of a new born is a celebration! Every parent enthusiastically looks forward to welcome their new member home. For that they do not mind going out of their way to dress up the little one’s room with something appropriate. Cribs and baby beds, matching wall paper, hanging rattles are some of the most common way to deck up a nursery but aren’t you missing something here? Yes, there is an excellent option to get a customized décor for your kid’s room using wall decals.

Nisha, a resident of Malabar Hill, Mumbai who was expecting her baby soon, thought of this alternative because she wanted to do something different for her baby’s room. She had already ordered for a baby crib and had chalked out where to place it in the room. Her thoughts were well oriented and she knew exactly how she wanted the nursery to appear.  She came up with the exact design she had in mind after a little research on the internet and was now looking for a company that would cater to her individual décor requirement. The design that she selected was a tree in full bloom with pink and white flowers and black branches. A few butterflies and birds were added here and there. Cute pandas and owls made the backdrop simply adorable.
Next task was to search for someone who could create something closest to what she visualized. While hunting for wall decal manufacturers in India she found the contact details of KC Wall Decal. This is a story how Nisha in coordination with the team of KC Wall Decal turned her dream nursery into reality!

It was a chain of e-mails that Nisha exchanged with Rakesh, one of the coordinators for KC Wall Decal. Nisha sent across photographs of the design she had in mind and photographs of the room, stating where she wished to place the baby’s crib. But that was not sufficient to understand her requirements fully, as dimensions were missing. On the following e-mails that were exchanged Nisha and Rakesh swapped information about the dimensions of the wall, height of the crib and how she wanted her wall mural to look. Once things were clearer, the KC Wall Decal designers got down to work.

Customised wall mural design

They produced two plans according to Nisha’s requirements and she made alterations, finally there was a design which exactly matched Nisha’s thoughts.  The tree with spread out branches and abundance of flowers made a great impression!

Wall painting customised design

Now was the time to give the design its final touch. Nisha wanted the tree to give an illusion of coming out from behind the crib with low branches covering the wall, touching the crib. She wanted flowers mainly over the crib and not to spread out the other side of the door. Nisha also had specifications about the flowers she wanted; without a hollow center and fuller in look, to give a feeling of abundance. All heeded, designers of KC Wall Decal produced something which perfectly coincided with their customer’s thoughts and she gave them a green signal to go ahead with the production. Money matters and budget was discussed separately and charges were not bank breaking!

 The branches, flowers, birds, butterflies, pandas and owls; everything came in separate pieces giving plenty of option to put them up as Nisha wanted. The final installation was a cake walk with the company’s help and the end result….you got to judge for yourself!!

Customised wall mural design
Customised wall painting design
Getting your interiors done does not have to be boring or traditional anymore, there are thousands of options for customized wall decal designs. All you need is the will, right contact, clarity of thought. KC Wall Decal has worked with a huge number of wall décor enthusiasts, shaping their dreams into reality. 
Customised wall decal
Customised wall mural

Floral tree with Panda wall mural
Floral tree with Panda wall mural
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