Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Cheap Sticker V/s Our Premium Wall Designs

Cheap Sticker V/s Our Premium Wall Designs

I was shopping cloths for an upcoming office event and I was looking for a dress online. There are thousands of options available in the market online and I have marked few of them. The couple of choices I made were great but a bit expensive and I don’t want to stretch my pocket for some reason. though I know the premium quality product wont gets in pennies. However, I took the risk and I bought the clothes.

I was proud on my choice and deal. But, in my mind, I was little uncomfortable with the longevity of this because of only cheap price. What if I wash a shirt and the color fades in one wash? What if the product does not fit comfortably on me? What people will say? Can they identify the cheap quality by just looking at the shirt? Would you like to use such products? Absolutely No, right?

I was comparing the known brands with my dress and I found the real difference. Both the products look good from far but anyone can point out the cheap quality. This can happen with every product and premium price people pay for best quality and comfort. The shirt can be easily changed or replaced however product like furniture, wall paint, bike or other cannot be easily replaceable or we cannot afford to replace. I have personally seen people who regret on the choice made on just cheap criteria and regretting after the usage. On the other side, There are people who buy only quality product and quality is the only criteria for them. Those are happy customers always because they think for longevity and long term.

Imagine, you are planning for house paint and you have chosen local paint because of the cheap material cost. You apply it on the wall and it  may look good in the beginning. But in few days, the color fades away and it was won't look attractive no more and now  as you have applied you can’t change it immediately. Why am I giving such examples? because this will happen with Wall designs as well. People search, buy cheap wall stickers online and buy product of 100 or 150 bucks in their wall, after few days they will realize that the charm of design has vanished and we cannot remove the design as there is fear of wall damage as well. So you have to carry such design till the next time when you paint i.e. for 2-3 or 5-10 years.

Personally, I believe that your wall is your personal space and it should always look the best. We always look for best quality for ourselves then why to spoil our mood by looking at the cheap design. Cheap stickers might turn to ugly one after few days when the adhesive on the edges of the design give up or the color the design is faded. Your surrounding atmosphere makes your mood and keep you happy when you see all things good around you.

Try premium quality wall stickers of Kakshyaachitra which will give best quality for long time. We have spoken with our oldest customer and till today we have not received any complaint regarding the look and feel. It is still fresh, charming and beautiful as it was on day 1. Few more bucks can bring you happiness for years instead of regret.

Another point to this discussion is to build own standard by using best quality options. If you want to be in elite category, then you have only choice of using Kakshyaachitra’s wall stickers instead of cheap stickers. The cheap is not always good and fancy won’t make your mood always better. Monochrome is like what your idea speaks on your wall and give you peace and fancy sticker will give you pleasure for few seconds and then you start disliking it. The same things will happen so make a best choice of monochrome wall designs for KC’s catalogue. Please do visit kcwalldecals.com for exploring the world of quality and happiness.
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