Monday, 26 March 2012

Exciting Modern Wall Art Decals from Kakshyaachitra

This range of Kakshyaachitra decals is for our fashion loving customers; those who are always in search of something modern, trendy and stylish for their homes. These modern art wall decals are fashionable wall art graphics which give a chic and mod look to your wall.

These decals are preferred by a considerable number of wall decal buyers, because of the trendiness and classic appeal that they bring to the wall.

Butterfly wall decal

These decals are a unique combination of traditional designs with graphic art. The results are most of the times astonishing like this Musical Butterfly wall decal.

Modern Wall Decal

With some more creativity, our designers came up with this stupendous Woman and the Hair modern art wall decal.

These decals need not me multi-colored or bound by any specific color requirement because of the graphical nature of the design. If you have colorful walls and preferably dark shaded walls, a modern wall decal might just perfectly add to the glamour and the prestige of your wall.

Also we could customize a decal design for you if you have any mix-n-match of tradition with art that you want us to convert into a wall decal for you.

Do check out our decals showcase for more contemporary and stylish wall decals.


  1. I absolutely love talking about modern wall art. It really does just lighten up a home and make it look so beautiful!

  2. Wow, this modern wall art looks great! I would love to have it in my house!

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