Thursday, 7 June 2012

It is not a wall sticker. It is not a wall tattoo. It is a wall decal.

Buddha wall decal

Wall decals as a product are not well known in India. A lot of house-owners invite us to showcase the designs. This is mainly because they like what they see on our website. It is not because they know what a wall decal is.

We face a big challenge explaining our potential clients about the product. The biggest hurdle is the preconceived notion of wall decor. People either think this to be a wall paper-like or a wall sticker-like something. 

This creates issues in the person understanding what he is buying. Many times people miss out on this wonderful product because they set the same expectations of price and designs that they set on a wall paper or a wall sticker. Thus most of the times we offer some sample installation to the client before he actually starts to browse our catalogue of designs.
The design patterns that are available in a wall decal are aligned with the nature of the material used. You do not get fancy multi-colour waterfalls and forests with a wall decal. We want our consumers to appreciate that this is a completely different mode of decor than a sticker and it has design patterns of its own. If you properly choose the design, size and colour of the decal according to the needs of your wall, we guarantee that with the world’s best material we have, the end result would be better than any other normal wall sticker.

With a wall paper you are just covering up your entire wall to give it a new fake appearance. With a decal, you enhance the beauty of your original wall. Wall papers mostly offer printed and repetitive designs which are very rarely preferred by house-owners these days. We believe that Kakshyaachitra wall decals give you more artistic liberty to choose a customised decal just for your own home. 

Try out a Kakshyaachitra decal to experience this for yourself!!!


  1. how this will cost.
    Please provide any contact to deal..

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