Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kakshyaachitra Wall Murals: An addition to our offerings

Before we begin, interested readers and home-owners are requested to do some homework on the difference between wall decals and wall murals.

Kakshyaachitra are and will prominently remain makers of wall decals, that is our flagship product. We are offering wall murals to those home owners who have a ready idea for a wall mural and just need our assistance in manufacturing the same.

Having set the record straight, we present you some wonderful wall mural designs we made in the recent past:

Actual installation pic: Mermaid wall mural, Vile Parle, Mumbai (Size: 10'*15')

Full size wall designs for kids room
Mermaid wall mural

This is a wall mural over the entire wall as you can see, printed on the best quality material using the best ink available in India. It has a wonderful protective lamination over it and our skilled team has done a wonderful job of installing it with least air bubbles.

Actual installation pic: A forest mural (Size 3'*3')
Devotional wall stickers, wall murals, Kakshyaachitra

In the below pics you can see the wonderful background wall mural made as a background for this abode of Radha-Govind.

Rajasthani Motif designs (Size: 5'*3')

Lata had some old paintings with her. She wanted wall murals of the same design. We were very happy to recreate the artwork for her and make 2 wonderful Rajasthani motif designs.

Indian wall decor
Rajasthani motif wall mural

Indian wall murals

If you got a brilliant big wall in a wonderful home and wish to glorify it with an outstanding design, we would be more than happy to create another indoor decor wonder !!!

Video: How to install/apply a wall mural

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