Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ashoka-Vatika wall decal: A stylish ethnic Indian design

We never believed that we could make something so beautiful out of a design we saw on a Kanjivaram saree. But one keen eye in our team saw the design and thought ... ‘How about this for a wall decal?’

The design was in a very different shape when it was on the saree. Then we moulded it in a design that can make a decal and we thought that something amazing was indeed being created. This design was never a part of our staple catlog designs. It was always personally put forth to a very interested customer.

This design makes a delightful landscape with an immensely attractive peacock alongside an elegant Sita devi. The tall and beautiful Ashoka trees give a perfect stature to the scene and the side branches fall in aesthetically.

When we first presented this design to Mr. Rahul Kali of Rashmi Developers he immediately wanted to have this decal on his wall and there were no second thoughts at all. Now one of our staff had to go to his home and suggest a suitable site and location for the decal.
Knowing Mr. Kali, we always knew that we were never in a position to suggest him anything. He himself has built hundreds of homes and decorated as many. It was just going to his home and taking the final measurements from him. Who had thought that he would ask for a full sized 6 feet * 4 feet design for his magnificent and mammoth 650 sq. Feet living room!!

We always knew when he told us the required size that the end results are going to be amazing!!! Let us know what you feel when you see the images.
A simple man that Mr. Rahul is, his only comment was “Numero Uno”.

After the trend-setting portrait wall decor, Kakshyaachitra is happy to introduce to you the first genuine Ethnic Indian wall decal !!!

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Ashok Vatika wall decal
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