Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gerbera on Grass decal and Jackfruit Tree decal for Devika’s home in Thane

Avnish is the cutest of kids in the world. (As all of them are :)). He had scribbled on a wall and Devika’s search for decals started with an aim to make something better out of the scribbled wall.

It had to be a horizontal decal at the bottom of the wall. We proposed Devika to run a strip of a Grass wall decal. That seemed to be the best option for this wall and we decided to make a 7feet X 1 feet grass strip along the entire length of the wall. But that would’ve seemed monotonous and might have given a not-so-happening feel to the wall.

So we decided to add some flowers and butterflies along the length of the grass. This completed the design. The search for what flowers to be added was extensive and Devika herself came up with these beautiful Gerbera flowers. These delicate Gerbera flowers standing up from the grass at distant places have given a stunning and attractive look to the wall.

The alternately arranged yellow and pink Gerberas stand beautifully over the grass.

After making decals like this, it is always amazing how a simple grass decal strip with appropriately placed flowers can completely transform an entire wall.

Then Devika wanted to make another decal for the living room wall. She knew that she wanted a tree/branch decal. She opted for this branch-with-fruits decal. We love the small jackfruits hanging from them and the tiny orange leaves.

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