Thursday, 24 January 2013

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part Two

Creating Wonders: Part 1

The most important reason why this designer house could be created in Chennai is the concrete determination of the buyer, Paul. Paul had not seen a single decal before, but the beauty of decals appealed him from the pictures on our website and he made a decision to make decals for all the major walls of his house.

As he says now, he never expected the end result to be this brilliant.
We had finalized the designs, as we wrote in this article, also explaining about all the thought and perspective that went behind finalizing the designs for the decals. One fine day, one of our representatives set off for Chennai with 6 brilliant decals in his kitty.

All the decals were installed within 1 day. We started with the border design first. It was a long decal, 20 feet, and we cut into 4 parts for ease of installation. As soon as we installed the first white piece of the border on the purple (Asian Paints Royale: Happy Hyacinth), we were convinced that we had made a right choice of color for the decal. The end result is for you to see below.

Border design wall decal

Butterfly wall decal installed in Chennai

The next design we installed was the amazing ‘Butterflies with Heart’ decal. The butterflies are always outstanding as decals and yet again, this heart butterfly proved why butterflies are a favourite among interior decor enthusiasts.

Indoor wall sticker artisic design

It was a large size design with the butterfly design measuring about 7 feet * 3 feet. Paul, the client, had taken precise measurements beforehand. The border had to be applied 3 feet above the ground and the butterfly was to be installed approximately 3 feet from the top of the wall. These specifications worked out to be accurate and we could turn Paul’s wall into a picturesque customised wall.

Butterfly wall sticker design

The border plus butterfly design blended very well and looked like a homogenous composition.

Living room wall design

So, after we finished the main wall in the living room, we installed a beautiful ‘Musical butterfly’ decal in the wall opposite to this wall. Again, to a decal maker’s delight, Paul knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted the Musical butterfly decal in about the same color as of the main wall in the living room so that it would create a handsome contrast. We did not have purple color in stock then but we went ahead and made a special customisation for this decal. After installing this appealing Musical Butterfly, all the effort that we took seemed worth it.

Kakshyaachitra wall decal

This is also a large size design measuring approximately 6 feet * 1.75 feet. This delicate design transformed a simple plain white colour wall for ever.

Musical butterfly for living room

Bedroom wall decals

We installed 3 more astonishing designs at Paul’s place. Paul now calls them Signature Walls. 2 of those designs were for bedrooms and the third one, probably the most attractive of all the installations in Chennai, was for the ceiling in the living room. Watch this space to have a glimpse of those 3 amazingly artistic designs. We shall soon post Creating Wonders – Part 2.

Making of a Landmark in Chennai: Part One
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