Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How to apply/install a wall mural

Before we begin, interested readers and home-owners are requested to do some homework on the difference between wall decals and wall murals.

Note that this video describes how to install a wall mural and not how to install a wall decal.

Kakshyaachitra are and will prominently remain makers of wall decals, that is our flagship product. We are offering wall murals to those home owners who have a ready idea for a wall mural and just need our assistance in manufacturing the same.

Note that the wall mural installed in this video is for sample purpose. The actual print and material quality of your mural will be outstanding. Check out our recent wall mural installations to get an idea.

Video: How to install a wall mural. (High resolution video for faster internet connections)

Video: How to install a wall mural. (Low resolution video for slower internet connections)

Installation instructions for a wall mural:
  • Remove the backing paper from one edge of your mural.
  • Properly position along the surface. It is not very delicate, you can re-position and apply only in the desired position.
  • Start from the edge and use a piece of cloth or squeege to nicely apply the mural against the wall or surface.
  • Try to avoid any air bubbles, it might not be always possible to have zero air bubbles.
  • You can also remove and re-apply if there are a lot of air bubbles.
  • You can make tiny holes using a pin or a sharp cutter. The air bubbles will get removed.

How to apply/install a wall decal


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