Friday, 24 October 2014

Why Kakshyaachitra wall decals are expensive?

Ashok Vatika wall decal

This ethnic Indian Ashoka Vatika decal was installed at Rahul’s place in August 2012 and still is as beautiful as it was when installed. Check this article we wrote in September 2012 after installation of this wall decal which is a magnificent and elegant Ethnic Indian design.

Yes, ours are the most expensive wall decals in the market, we know that. Often callers inform us that a design of similar size is available in the market at much lesser prices.

We decided to answer this question once and for all for all our customers and dealers. Directly, no secret withheld.

If you are a retail customer, you will be paying Rs. 300-350 per square feet for a Kakshyaachitra wall decal. With another new ecommerce website opening up every day, you will find many sellers selling at anything between 100 Rs to 200 Rs per square feet.

The simple reason is that the material they use is substandard and is the same vinyl that is used to make the number plate of your vehicle. It is not aesthetic as you see on the website, and the thickness is surely visible when you install it on your wall. It will also leave a residue on the wall if you try to peel it off.

We, at Kakshyaachitra, use special quality indoor decor vinyl material imported from Germany. We assert that this is the best wall decal material in the entire world and we are one of the very few (almost alone) importers of this material.

That is the reason why our cherished customer Paul has become a lifelong acquaintance since we transformed his Chennai home forever in September 2012. Have a look at the wall decals we installed in his living room, ceiling and bedroom in this and this article.

Musical butterfly wall decal installed in Paul's living room.

So, a plain and simple answer to the customer’s question is that you will find Kakshyaachitra decals to be priced higher than other eCommerce retailers is that we are using the best indoor decor material in the world which will effectively transform a plain and ordinary wall into a happening and exciting one.
Happy Home-Decorating

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