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Innovative home owner creates indoor décor wonder in Bangalore with wall decals

Many of us have ideas. Many of us have beautiful, innovative, new ideas. Ideas that we believe would be game-changers. Ideas that we believe are different than the norm. Ideas that we believe would be amazing if implemented.

Wall decals is all about ideas! It is the identity you want to give to your home with our beautiful design. We offer thousands of designs from trees, natures, birds to intricate ethnic Indian Art. What suits your home best is a decision between you and your home.

Many home owners approach us with a lot of ideas. Wall decals look stunning and beautiful on the internet and on our website, this attracts a lot of home owners. But their zeal and enthusiasm subsides after sometime or they choose for some other mode of wall décor.

Believe us, if you have the patience and imagination to select the right design for your house, a wall decal would enhance the beauty of your wall and thereby of your home a thousand times more than you see in the picture.

Ravi, a head of a MNC in Bangalore, has been working with us for 3-4 months now for the different compositions he has in his mind for his home in Bangalore. We will describe the astounding Panchamahabhoota composition which he conceptualised, in another article.

This article is about the Mysore palace procession which he was looking to place over the curtain and the vacant space at the entrance of the home. Ravi wanted a wall decal depicting a Mysore palace procession and with his firm commitment to what he wanted and our creative abilities, we created a tailor-made decal exactly as he wanted.

Wall decal area above curtain
Space above the curtain for which wall decal was needed
This was the space above the curtain where Ravi wanted to place a Mysore palace wall decal:

Brief: “This is for another decal. Really liked this. I wanted a Mysore procession similar to this... will share the pictures now from my older furniture to give context”.
Ravi showed us below pictures from his old furniture to give us an idea of the style he was looking for.

Reference designs from furniture for Mysore palace wall decal
Reference designs from furniture for Mysore palace wall decal 
Reference designs from furniture for Mysore palace wall decal
Reference designs from furniture for Mysore palace wall decal

Brief: “So this palace silhouette would be in the center at a bigger size and then there would be a procession on the left and a procession on the right being mirror images of each other. The total length would be 8ft with proportional height but not more than 1ft”

Reference Mysore palace image for wall decal
Reference Mysore palace image for wall decal
We started making the design as per Ravi’s requirements, some more of his instructions followed and we customized the designs accordingly.

- Would need the palace to be a little wider but could be a little less details also in case it is too fine.
- Need height of the elephant to be slightly higher (as high as camel).
-Is this already in scale for 9ft. Otherwise, there is one horse chariot which is a characteristic one of the Mysore procession. That would be good.
- If you can add a little bit of space between the palace and the camels, then it will standout better
- Will send a couple of pictures of the royal emblem of the Mysore Kings. On the camel, elephant and Horse where you have the flower design, that will look better and also make it uniquely tied to the royal family.

All these discussions happened on watsapp as this was convenient for Ravi as well as our creative team so that both could work at each other’s convenience.

Client: You are all super responsive on whatsapp. That makes a lot of difference for me. Ok...and you r all innovative and creative.

Finally, we and Ravi finalised this Mysore palace procession design for the area above the curtain. These were the final 2 options of the design, Ravi chose the second one.

Mysore palace procession designs customised
Mysore palace procession designs customised

We made the product available on our website for Ravi to buy and it was shipped the next business day. Ravi was very happy to share us the picture of the actual installed decal.

You can check the size and cost specifications of this decal at our online shop:

Actual installation photograph: Mysore palace procession wall decal
Actual installation photograph: Mysore palace procession wall decal

Actual installation photograph: Mysore palace procession wall decal
Actual installation photograph: Mysore palace procession wall decal

It was a creative wonder, otherwise would not have been created if Ravi had not put the faith in our world class material and his thought to create wonderful wall décor!

Buy wall decals online easily at:
How to install a wall decal demonstration video: Check here


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