Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Mermaid Tale

Ariel, daughter of King Triton is A Mermaid. This little cute & enthusiastic Mermaid lived with her royal family in kingdom 'Atlantica'. Ariel's life was perfect under the water. She never needed to go out of her kingdom. Though, the King forbid her from swimming out of her limits the explorer underneath couldn't stop herself.

One day the curious mind, Ariel decided to swim to the surface along with her friend Flounder. While travelling she finds a ship, struggling with the ups and downs of the high tides for life. Which ends up with a Prince fallen out of the ship. Innocent Ariel, enchanted by the handsome Prince Swims to save him. She sang him to wake up and returned home. When woke up, the Prince could hardly remember Ariel's face. But he was mesmerized with her voice, that he could ever forgot.

Fallen in love with the prince, Ariel was desperate to see him again. Here the villainous Ursula, half octopus half women came up with her cruel intensions. She let Ariel meet the Prince, and took her voice instead. When Prince met human turned Ariel, he was delighted with her silent beauty. Before they fall in love and give a magical kiss of true love, Ursula disguised herself to the beautiful Vanessa. She cast a spell on the Prince and made him marry her. Poor Ariel, couldn't help herself and broken into tears.

Flounder the fish, Scuttle the Seagull and Sebastian the crab, friends of Ariel helped her in crashing the wedding and also get her voice back. Oh! but now Ariel was late. the sun was set.  As the deal was made Ariel became Mermaid again, Ursula's slave. To save his daughter and people of Atlantica, the king gave his powers to Ursula. As she grew bigger, the king became weaker. On the other side realizing that Ariel is the one he truly love, the Prince Sails the old ship to save her. Prince defeated Ursula, saved Ariel, King Triton and The Atlantica. King Triton, understanding his daughters love for the prince lets her live on the surface. and They Lived Happily Together Forever.

A Mermaid is not just an imaginary character made for entertainment. She is a guide of her own amazing world. A Mermaid story do not just entertain us but also gives an #inspirational message of how good things win over bad. Good, positive and noble things can be easily taught to kids from such stories. Also the world of waters is an amazing way to show kids how beautiful the underwater life is.
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