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Cheap Wall Sticker v/s Premium Wall Decals

Cheap Wall Sticker v/s Premium Wall Decals
Wall decal is used for decoration purpose on the wall, this is also called as Wall vinyl. It is very easy and simple turnaround of the boring wall to styling designer wall. Wall decals can instantly glam up the room within affordable pocket. Now-a-days wall decals are easily available on multiple shopping sites or retail stores. There are many questions and curiosity about the quality of wall decals that are need to be answered.
1. Multiples visible cuts -
A complex design is cut in multiple parts. While installation these parts are placed according to their positions shown in presentation picture. When placed, the ends of the vinyl should not show any cut or joining lines between two pieces. Save your room from looking messy with the disturbed lines of a low quality vinyl sticker available online.

 2. Finishing effect -
The appearance of the room totally depends on the finishing effect of the design. Our matte finishing vinyl decal gives more appealing look than the glossy one. A glossy sticker may look dull when the shine is faded after few days of installation, but our matte finishing touch and world’s best quality design will give you fabulous effect after many years. 

3. Sharp edges -
It is extremely important that the decal design has no sharp edges. The Transparent lines of the edges make the design look unrealistic And Unrelated to the theme of the wall/room. These edges obviously ruin the beauty of the creativity on the wall. So whenever you buy a decal don't forget to check the sharp edges.

4.Durability -
The durability depends on the quality of the decal. Usually the durability of a wall decal is minimum 4 to 5 years. But our best quality vinyl decal lasts as long as the wall paint stay. It is waterproof and easily cleanable. Unless it is low quality decal, water cannot ruin the beauty of the design and its hold on the wall.
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5. Peeling off issues -
A wall decal is easy to install and easy to remove. When removed, the wall decal leaves no stain or adhesive on the wall. It leaves the wall as it was before the installation. Even before installation the decal can be easily peeled off from the base paper. If not, go on for a quality product.
6. Value for money -
Whenever we buy something we make sure the product is equivalent to the price we've paid for it. We obviously seek for a quality product and that's why we compare them with similar items. Sometimes the similar product may cost cheaper than the other but cannot guarantee its quality. So value your money and do not mislead yourself to a wrong product. Pay only for a deserving one.

7. Elite(premium) product v/s cheap product -
A simply creative idea of wall decal can bring a great change in your house. The cheap wall sticker available on many e-commerce platform are looks more attractive but those wall stickers made up of cheap vinyl material with bad adhesive and peeling off issues. Unfortunately cheap wall stickers harm the beauty of the wall instead of adding value to your surroundings.

KCwalldecals offers only premium quality wall decals made of world class German Vinyl. The thickness of the material is 80 microns. Without any harm, our wall decals will only give an amazing result With more than 10,000 design we allow you to choose or customize your idea for your own home.  Get an elite decor for your house walls with premium quality wall decals. Render your home decor with beautiful creative designs and affordable prices by KCwalldecals.

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  1. Really looking very nice. Nowadays, most of the metal stickers manufacturer which produce these types of the custom designs.


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