Monday, 9 September 2013

How to get that perfect decal made for your kids' room

We get numerous inquiries for kids' decals/decor. Our experience is that this is mainly because new home owners are always interested in doing some creative decor for their kids' room and wall decals are very attractive. So, home owners see all these wonderful images of wall decals for children on the internet and drop us a line stating 'looking for wall decor for kids' room.'

Interestingly not many of these parents actually buy decor for their kids' room. We are writing this article especially to let the home owners know how you can get the perfect decal for your kids' room.

We shall be sharing 3 of our our kids' decor installations as case studies to help you make a decision about buying a kids' decal.

Please note that all the case studies mentioned in this article are wall murals and not wall decals.

Mermaid wall mural
Installed at Vile Parle, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom, customised  wall decor
Mermaid wall mural

This is a Digital Print on vinyl of the design seen in picture. The size of the design is 10 feet * 12 feet. This is one of our best works. The client had engaged an interior designer who in turn had engaged a graphic artist to create this design. To be able to print such a large design, the image also has to be of printable size and resolution.

Getting a complete wall digital print has to be one of the best modes of interior decor. The expenses involved are on the higher side if to be installed on entire wall and you should also have a clear idea of what you want to get printed.

Moon wall mural
Installed at Charkop, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom, customised wall decor
Moon wall mural

This is one assignment where we interacted numerous times over phone/mail with the client. This was because the client, Ajay, was exactly sure what he wanted and it was a pleasure to be able to do it for him. Ajay had pre-thought the composition and thus, though this customization involved merging of many different images, we were able to do it. His daughter was more than happy and her room is now an attraction for all the neighboring kids.

Yes, if you buy from us, it might be a touch expensive, but we give you due time and efforts to make sure that the final result is as you wanted.

Animals wall decals
Installed at Khar Ghar, Mumbai

Kids wall decor, kids bedroom
Animal wall murals

This is again a customized kids decor. As evident from the photograph, the client, Bhavna, wanted to have some cheerful animal decals for her child's room. We made the different animal decals and the result is for you to see.

This decal is a very simple design, yet you can see that the results are so impressive. As a home owner we often tend to over-think and over-expect, after all it is our dream home.

But after all, do not forget that it is kids' decor :)

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