Monday, 9 September 2013

Why you might be missing out on one of the best indoor decor options

No, this is not an outright marketing campaign post.

This post is for those home makers who often inquire with us for wall decals and then give up on the idea.

We wholeheartedly want to tell you that if you have come across this outstanding mode of wall decor and thought of installing it, do not hesitate. Do not miss out on this wonderful decor option for lack of decision making or lack of seriousness.

We are saying so because believe us; whichever clients chose to install our wall decals are extremely happy about their decision today. They might have dropped us an inquiry only by chance, most of the inquiries did not seriously move ahead for lack of buyer interest and some of the clients did actually get the decals installed.

We want to tell you, each of the clients who got the decals installed were certainly pleased with the fascinating results on their wall.

Ceiling Wall decal
Installation at Hiranandani Meadows, Thane

Mr. Alok is an enthusiastic home maker. A friend of his had recommended us to him and he decided to install as much as 3 decals at his place. This amazing ceiling wall decal was one of those.

Initially Alok also, like you, could see only our catlog designs and some actual installation pictures of our previous work. He liked what he saw and he did take the decision to install decals wherever it seemed appropriate. He was more than overjoyed to see a plain ceiling getting transformed into something so wonderful and exquisite.

Some of our clients who are not so serious about wanting to buy a decal or just do not commit to the idea miss out on fantastic decor like the ceiling decal seen above.

Musical butterfly
Installed at Velachery, Chennai

Mr. Paul was so impressed by the decal alternative, that he bought a complete decor package for his living room, 2 bedrooms and also a ceiling decal. Today, his home is one of the major attractions for interior decorators and home owners in his neighborhood.

We have described the wonderful experience of creating this landmark in Chennai in 2 different articles.

We are writing this article because we do not want you to miss out creating a landmark in your city after having seen such wonderful results of application of a wall decal.

Ganesha wall decal
Shipped to United Kingdom

Kejal liked the Ganesha wall decal; she chose an appropriate color against the blue color of the wall. We handed over the decal to her relative in Mumbai and you can see the results.

We especially are sharing this example for our clients who are as near as in Pune or Mumbai and missing out on this opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home to new levels.

If you ever thought of buying a wall decal and then gave up just because of lack of interest or any other constraints, please do not do so. You will do missing on something wonderful.

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