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10 Awesome features of Wall Decals over Wall Stickers

The world is moving fast and so is interior décor. No matter whether you are attending a meeting at your kid’s school, visiting the doctor’s clinic, dropping in for some coffee at a friend’s place; something new about the paint or the wall embellishment is bound to catch your fancy. At least that happens often with me!

You cannot deny the fact that a glamorous wall also creates a tingling sensation in your mind and you want to turn your boring walls into something exclusive. That’s not anything unnatural, so admit it! Now that you have admitted the fact, just a good coat of any bright shade from Asian Paints or a designer wall tile from Kajaria Ceramics will not always serve the purpose. You need something more; something attractive that demands attention but does not require continuous maintenance.

So, trying to think hard what is the product that fits your purpose bang on? You might have bought a plush new condominium in Bangalore or your dream hours in Hypercity-Hyderabad. Or you may be looking to renovate your second-home in Lonavala or your brand new house in the rapidly developing Ghodbunder Road area of Thane, removable wall decals could be exactly what your décor needs.  There are other cheaper options and often people are caught between thoughts when they have to choose between wall decals and wall stickers. Since, wall decals are comparatively new in the Indian market; many people do not even have an idea about their advantages over wall stickers. KC wall decal is an Indian company that creates amazing designs with high quality raw materials from Europe, for best results.

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Love Lockets wall decal
 We list down below the top 10 reasons why you should prefer a wall decal and not a wall sticker.

1. The WOW Factor! A Delightful Feeling

When we say the WOW feeling, all that we actually mean is a ‘treat to the eyes’. So, you got so see it to feel the actual difference between the two. While decals blend with the wall after installation, the wall stickers tend to stick out, making all the visual difference. After applying a decal to the wall it appears to be a part of the wall itself but with stickers things don’t take a smoother turn, compromising the aesthetic value.

It’s not an assumption as customers who have used KC wall decal have appreciated the finished product in most instances. Some of them even turned their homes into a themed space with personalised wall decals created by KC wall decal through special orders, may it be in the posh suburbs of Mulund, Malabar Hill, Nariman Point in Mumbai or the happening residential townships of Wakad, Baner, Aundh in Pune.

2. Feather Light, Flawless and Flexible

You can say goodbye to cumbersome wall embellishments if you are considering a wall décor with feather light wall decals. It’s not only the weight but also easy maneuvering and flexibility of the material that counts. In comparison, wall stickers often leave waves, bends and uncouth finish after the installation is complete and worst of all; and there’s no turning back once it’s done! If you peel them off, there are big chances of ripping off paint, no matter how expensive or enduring they are.

Things are different with KC wall decals as the material is flexible and during installation from the transfer paper, the design can be set right with convenience. The final result is obviously a gracious, flawless décor that’s enjoyable and admirable. Your guests would often mistake the designs as paintings rather than something that’s been fixed externally.

3. Anytime is a Good Time for New Decor    

Another attractive feature of wall decals’ that’s increasing their popularity is the convenient peel off factor. Mood and décor go hand in hand. The moment you get bored with the old designs you have the choice of changing the look of any wall. All you need to do is to peel off the old wall decal and replace it with a new one. Worried about how it is going to affect your wall? That’s no concern at all; with KC wall decals there is no damage to the surface when you pull them out. Only one reminder for the users, the paint requires to be of good quality or else it is at your own risk!

Users have tried various wall decal designs on walls painted with products from Asian Paint, Burger, Jenson and Nicolson, Dulux, Kansai Nerolac and other renowned companies which provide standard quality paints.

Its fun, engaging and also a great way to surprise to your spouse or kids by altering the wall décor with KC wall decals within hours! Just drop us a word and we can make you a wonderful decal of Dipa Karmakar doing the Produnova or PV Sindhu, the first Indian female badminton player hitting a fierce smash!

4. Extensive Collection for Every Corner & Occasion

Living room, baby’s space, dressing area, library, pantry or a café, Kakshyaachitra wall decals has created loads of designs for every corner of any home, office or commercial space. Give it a modern touch, a traditional twist or keep it tranquil with an environment related theme, the choice is absolutely yours. You can conveniently use motivational quotes for the study corner, cute baby designs for the nursery, fashionable diva wall decals to spice up your dresser or some charming food designs to the kitchen with KC wall decal, enhancing the magic of exclusive interior décor.

Although, while hunting for stickers you may get a wider multicolored range of designs, but nothing compares to the slim finish of wall decals produced by the company. If you judge by the range of designs, no wall sticker seller can match the collection which KC wall decal offers under categories like kids, car, nature, modern woman, music, laptop, washroom, quotes, sports and many more. With thousands of available designs, it’s easy to shop for the entire home under one roof!

Dream without Fear Live without Limits wall decal
Dream without Fear Live without Limits wall decal

5. Longevity- Wall Decor Product that’s Water and Dust Resistant

Call it endurance or durability, everyone looks out for products that lasts longer and are easy to maintain. Keeping this mantra in mind, KC wall decal has designed their products for modern spaces. Designed with a matt finish, the raw material used is imported from Europe. It does not gather dust and in case if you feel there’s a layer on it, just a damp cloth wipe is sufficient to make it look as good as new.

Believing in a progressive attitude, we have experimented with different materials. We have tested different types of vinyl including LG and 3M, none of them come close to the perfect finish of a KC wall decal. Users, who have installed wall decals even four years ago, say their designs look as bright as always even today. This decal at Paul’s home in Velachery, Chennai was installed as long as 4 years ago and still there are no signs of any wear and tear.

6. The Perfect Edge

Wall stickers no matter how pricey or superior in quality, most of the time comes with a white border that steals the glamour off your wall. KC wall decals are made with precision and have that perfect edge without making it obvious that it has been stuck externally. The thin material merges fantastically with the surface of the wall and that adds a big plus to this décor product. What one finally sees is a smooth painting like addition to the surface.

Just for your knowledge, the thin finish of wall decals is possible because they are made with a single layer whereas; wall stickers contain an extra layer of lamination to preserve the ink from external factors like water and the sun.

7. No Reflection, Only Beauty of Matte Finish and Monochrome

Wall stickers come with a shiny layer that often reflect sunlight as well as artificial lighting like tube lights making it rather improperly visible from certain angles. But KC wall decals made with a matt finish is a congenial version which does not reflect light and cause a glare. That keeps its visibly intact from every corner of the room. Whether, its morning, noon or night and your home is illuminated with natural or artificial lighting; KC wall decals maintain their aesthetics without losing even an iota of grace and clarity.

8. Custom Décor- Today’s Need

Top Indian designers like Shabnam Gupta often fuse the old world charm with modern elements, it’s not as easy as it seems. The right décor tools, appropriate themes and imagination; everything adds to the perfect blend. Funky, sober, religious, toned down, off beat, select what goes well with your taste and you can get custom made designs or pick appropriate wall decals from KC wall decals’ range of collection. Color, size, customized designs all according to your requirement; you can possibly never imagine such variations with any wall sticker seller.

Fan blades, cupboard doors, pillars, tables; let your imagination run wild because creativity is boundless, the more you use it, the more you have. Be creative, break the rules! Anyways rules are boring!!

9. Cost Effectiveness- Think Long-Term

Wall stickers might seem cheaper now compared to wall decals but wise people always plan long-term. Compared to vinyl wall stickers, KC wall decals are more lasting.

Not only do wall stickers fade quickly but when you plan to change the wall décor, peeling them off invites plenty of trouble like spoilt paint and residual adhesive. On the other hand, KC wall decals can be removed very conveniently from the surface without harming the paint or leaving adhesive marks behind.

Weigh the pros and cons before you decide to decorate your home interiors because what you choose for your walls today will affect what you can do with them tomorrow. Wall decals are fast developing due to their great aesthetic, cost effectiveness, easy application and of course last but not the least, convenient removal without blotches and patches on the surface. Partnering with KC wall decals, you can create awesome spaces with mind blowing designs, breezy feel, sheer uniqueness; without undergoing any professional training or back breaking effort!

10. The WOW factor, again

Yes, forget all the technical details, it's the feeling that you experience while peeling of the wall decal on to your wall where you will realize the difference between a wall decal and a wall sticker. Check out this actual video Madhuri shot while installing the “Relax, life takes time!” wall decal at Perungudi, Chennai.


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