Friday, 19 August 2016

Installation process of a wall decal depicting how to apply a KC wall decal

  • Flatten the decal and rub evenly over the design using a squeegee / credit-card.
  • Remove the folds of the transfer paper at the edges of the decal.
  • Carefully peel off the transfer paper from the base paper. 
  • The design will adhere to the transfer paper and come off the base paper.
  • Position properly on the wall according at your desired location.
  • Rub evenly with a squeege / credit-card.
  • Slowly start peeling off the transfer paper from the wall.
  • This is where you realise the magic of our international quality wall decal becoming a part of your wall.
  • It blends with the wall as if a part of it and the thickness is almost unnoticeable
  • Kc wall decals are cut to precision and have a fine edge unlike wall stickers which have a white border.
  • It is not a wall sticker, it is a wall decal.
  • Buy conveniently from thousands of designs at
  • Shipped in 2 business days. Various colors and sizes available.


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