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Festive Theme Decor Collection

Festive Theme Decor Collection

The festive season is on the way. The upcoming three months are filled with the essence of mythological tales celebrated as Dassehra in October followed by Diwali in November and Christmas in December.
Make the walls of your house look more creatively uplifted with our beautiful collection decor designs.

The Shakti Wall Decal Design:
Shakti means power. As the word itself says this wall decal design is a symbol of an modern empowered women. The graceful face of Maa Durga holds all the aspects of her nine avatars. It features bold eyes, a sharp nose with a paisley nose ring, peacefully quite lips and a third eye on forehead. This featured face is elevated with the paisley design around it. Also the crown of curves on the head is added for the grip on the top of it. The finishing again given by the paisley frame completes this ethnic and devotional piece of decor. On this Navratri festival, the nine days celebration of victory of goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura, Bring this design home that resembles the strong women in today's world.

The End Of Exile - Diwali:
"All's Well That Ends Well." As stated in the mythological epic story Ramayana, Diwali is celebrated to cherish the moment when Lord Rom returned Ayodhya from exile. The people of Ayodhya celebrated this day by lighting lamps everywhere in the kingdom expressed their happiness. Since people use Diyas for the celebration of Diwali, it is known as the festival of light. To highlight the extravagance of this ritualistic festival "The Hanging Diyas For Diwali Decoration" Design is a must in your decor list. Keeping in mind of Diwali this illustration is been designed especially to lighten up the decors of the room wall in a very traditional way. It is an easy idea for bright and classy wall that will remove the darkness of the room and make your home look perfect for the festival.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Is Coming:
"Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh." 
On the auspicious day of Christ's birth the whole world celebrates Christmas. A bright child born to Mother Mary the changed the living of people to better. On this festival kids desperately wait for Santa. He brings gifts for kids and make them happy. On his wooden sleigh pulled by the reindeers Santa will come to your place as a gift himself. In the form of a room decor this "Creative Santa Claus with Reindeer Wall Decal" design is an opportunity to give the kids their perfect Christmas surprise. Add this art to create a festive theme and welcome your guests with happy Santa.

With KCwalldecals being easily removable, you can experiment with different quotes and sayings as per your mood and interests. A different quote or image on the wall is a different thought and statement of your home. It is as good as having a new wall itself.

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