Sunday, 30 September 2018

Speaking Walls

Speaking Walls 

Everyone want to save their hard earn bucks irrespective of class and sects. The person riding a bike or traveling in the Mercedes, BMW or Tesla has common idea to buy best product at the best price. So, when it comes for wall design, every individual has personal idea of decoration and most of the time, personal and family emotions are attached to it. Now-a-days, its common practice to check the prices online before buying phone, electronic gadgets, clothes or any other product.  don’t you do that…?? Ummmm… if you ask question to individual then in most of the cases, the answer would be Yes. If you are doing the same, then you are one of the intelligent and smart buyers like many of us.

Whenever, we start hunting place to dwell in any of the big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad or anywhere in the world, our basic idea is to get easy commute to work, have good surrounding and market, office place and other basic places are easily accessible from our residence. What else you would look for? What could be the ideal place for you to stay? How the flat or villa should look like? Do you think about the entrance direction? What else you will look for? There will be hundreds of questions before choosing the area and place.

When you finalize the place and area, then our thoughts rotate around our own personal space. Many time our moms / Spouse will yell at us to keep the room clean, neat and tidy. But, most of the time, we just ignore the advice or just push the task for later. In our messed up area, there should be one good place which can be visible easily and give us a vibe of happiness and expresses our thoughts easily. So, which could be that place? Living room? Bedroom? Recreational area? Kitchen or any other corner of our house?  Have you heard about speaking wall? If you ask same question to me then I would go with my room wall with personalized stuff like designs, best photos, beautiful and cherishing memories, art and craft. These small things will make the bigger impact and can change to the speaking wall.

Let’s make a list of things that can be used to convert boring wall into speaking and personalized wall.

1) Your Achievements – add your photos, Medals, Certificate to the room that you are proud of.

2) Personal thought or Motivational words – This can be from any book, from your favorite author or own creation. This will definitely inspire you for making next move to achieve your dreams, complete your bucket list.

3) Poetry – I love poems and many of you as well. Put your beloved lyrics or poem on wall to get feel of that whenever you enter home.

4) Wall Design – If you have designed your home with specific theme then you can get thousands of KakshyaaChitra’s design to make wall more beautiful.

5) My ideals – Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite player and Swami Vivekananda is my ideal. I want to see them to keep myself motivating to achieve something like them or to be like them. You can keep their pictures or their memories on wall.

6) Football, cricket or any other sport design – I have seen the crazy football and cricket fans during the world cup matches. Every Indian is a cricket fan and they keep their loved players in their heart. You can place sports person or football or anything else on your wall to feel happy.

7) Handmade crafts or Paintings – My sister love painting and she keeps on painting lot many stuff based on her mood. You know what, she will place all those paintings on her cupboard doors and keep on criticize them at every glance.

8) Cycle – I love cycling and I keep my cycle in my room. Of course this healthy habit can be a decorative that will always motivate me to wake up early in the morning and ride the bike for some time.

If you keep on observing web series or movies, you will get hundreds of ideas easily. Every small thing can make your wall more beautiful and add feelings to it. Please share your idea of making an ordinary wall to speaking wall.


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